Harrell Vickers

Harrell Vickers (born 30?? - died 30??) was a Star Captain in Clan Wolf during Operation Revival.[1]

Star Captain Harrell Vickers


Seeming to have a split-personality, Star Captain Harrell Vickers could by turns be a merciless harrier of hapless foes, or an example of kindness and consideration to the people he was savagely hunting down only hours before.[1]

Marauder and Gentleman[edit]

The leader of the 37th Striker Cluster's Trinary Striker - aptly-named the Death Pursuers - he was infamous for having demolished a dam during the fighting on Unzmarkt, killing over a thousand people in the wake of destruction behind the deluge. On at least three other occasions during Operation Revival, he was witnessed to have ordered actions that were likewise described as brutal, somehow evading notice by his commanders. Off the field of battle, he was described as a gentleman with a great appreciation for music and plants. He was also described as highly considerate of the Inner Sphere civilians that he had conquered. It was not known if his behavior was due to any type of mental illness.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

As part of Star Colonel Marcos Radick's 37th Striker Cluster, Star Captain Vickers saw action on Sigurd, Unzmarkt, and Memmingen, and also took part in greater actions against the world of Shaula and Carse. He would manage to get through the Battle of Tukayyid unscathed, helping to achieve all of Clan Wolf's goals against the Com Guards.[2][3]


Though his fate is not known, it is known that he piloted an Ice Ferret prime as of 3052.[3]


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