Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Okinawa


The DCS Hatakaze was a Okinawa-class DropShip that the Draconis Combine had ordered into service with ComStar's Explorer Corps.

The Hatakaze had just undergone a refit at the Titan Yards when they came under attack from Word of Blake forces on 2 March 3058. Dai-i Haruka Otanashi declared that she was part of the Explorer Corps who used the facility, and thus felt compelled to defend it alongside the ComStar forces present.[1] In the ensuing battle, the Hatakaze forced the Avenger-class Avenging Fury into retreat.[2] The fighter complement borne by the Hatakaze consisted of four Seydlitz and one pair each of Stuka, Thunderbird, Riever, Lucifer II, Ironsides, Sand Hawk and Centurion aerospace fighters.

The vessel was pivotal in defending the repair facility, and the crew received a commendation from Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht. Otanashi received the Bushido Blade and a double-promotion to tai-sa.[3]


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