Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The SLS Havana was a cruiser in service with the Star League Defense Force. The SLS Havana was destroyed during the battle to liberate Nusakan during the Hegemony Campaign; the SDS in the Nusakan system was under the control of forces loyal to Stefan Amaris and destroyed a number of WarShips, including the Havana. The Havana was one of two WarShips to plummet to the surface of Nusakan as a result of the damage taken, and the wreckage of both the Havana and the other ship to hit the surface, the destroyer SLS Dularam could still be identified on the surface of the planet centuries later.[1]

During the rebuilding that would occur on Nusakan during the Succession Wars, the areas around the wreckage of the Havana and the Dularam would be the focus for much of the reconstruction, with cities springing up around the remains of each, and with each vessel giving its name to the accompanying city. In the case of the SLS Havana, the city that grew up around the wreckage, Havana City, would become the new capital of Nusakan.[2]


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