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Affiliation Federated Commonwealth
Black Thorns

Hawg was a mercenary MechWarrior, and a member of the Black Thorns.

Early Career[edit]

Hawg served in the Third Lyran Guards and was noted for an excellent service record.[1] He was also mentioned to have a quirky personality.[1]

In 3054 he joined the Black Thorns on the Mercenary's Star of Outreach.[1]

Black Thorns[edit]

Within the Black Thorns, Hawg was placed in the battle lance under Esmerelda.[2] He initially piloted a Zeus.[3] On Borghese, his BattleMech was destroyed in the fighting against the Preservationists faction.[4] He was then given a salvaged BattleMaster.[5]

Afterwards, the Black Thorns signed a contract with the Draconis Combine in 3056 and were assigned to garrison Wolcott, which effectively was a staging world for operations behind Clan lines. During this time they took on a side mission to raid Courchevel and went up against Clan Nova Cat.[6] Hawg survived the fighting, but suffered major injuries and the effective destruction of his 'Mech.[7]

Hawg's later fate is unknown. He presumably perished along with the entire Black Thorns command on Galedon V during or after the 3068-3071 events that saw the world obliterated by heavy fighting, a bioweapon plague, orbital bombardment and finally thermonuclear sterilization.


Hawg began his service in the Black Thorns piloting a Zeus. He subsequently moved on to a BattleMaster.


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