Heather Alexander

At Age of 48 in 3060

Heather Alexander (b. 3012[1] - d. 3069) was a trusted adviser to Captain-General Thomas Marik. She served the Free Worlds League as Director of Military Intelligence and Minister of Defense.


Early Life[edit]

Heather Alexander was a career intelligence operative. She began as a field operative in her teens and worked her way up the ranks. She earned a reputation for being both intelligent and crafty.[1] Heather's military career began with a posting to the staff of the Fusiliers of Oriente as an intelligence officer; advancing swiftly into Federal service, Heather worked initially as an operative and then later as an analyst. Heather worked her way up to the position of operations officer in charge of the liberation units, those irregular units maintained by the Free Worlds League; appointed to the post in 3051, she subsequently caught the eye of the Captain-General.[2]

Heather Alexander in 3062 at the age of 50


Appointed to the post of head of Military Intelligence in 3057, Heather hadn't been in post long enough by the time Operation GUERRERO began to do much more than continue the policies put in place by her predecessor.[2] As head of MI, she oversaw intelligence-gathering efforts in foreign nations and counterintelligence within the League. A member of the League Central Coordination and Command, Admiral Alexander wielded power beyond that of her position alone.[3] Her first year in post was spent directing extensive reviews of the performance displayed by the various liberation units, with a view to identifying where they would benefit from updated training or equipment.[2]

In 3061, Heather was promoted to the Minister of Defense. In this position she was Thomas Marik's military deputy, chairing LCCC meetings when he was unavailable and directing the entire Free Worlds League Military, subject to his approval.[4] Heather's rise to the post of Minister of Defense was a reward for her loyalty; during her tenure as head of MI she was approached by a number of Thomas' political opponents, who viewed her as an important cog within the Free Worlds League Military, but each found her to be immovably loyal to Thomas.[2]

Heather's appointment to the post of Minister of Defense brought with it increased contact with the Word of Blake; while the specifics of her relationship with the Blakists is unknown, that relationship was reported to be cool, and records show that during her time as head of MI Heather had drafted a number of memoranda that defined possible threats posed to the FWLM by the Blakists. These memoranda were ignored.[2]


On 9 August 3069, amid the Jihad, Paul Marik engineered a coup and placed his daughter Corinne on the throne. In the process of deposing the false Thomas Marik, Paul and his Blakist allies and sympathizers killed Heather and General Cassie Blake.[5]

Marriage and children[edit]

Heather Alexander is known to have one daughter, Mira Alexander.

  • Mira - Mira Alexander became a MechWarrior and piloted an Assassin. She had a reputation for pulling off daring maneuvers. In 3058, Mira held the rank of Force Commander and commanded the second battalion of the 30th Marik Militia.[6] Mira later wed and changed her surname to "Alexander-Jorge". She was also promoted to the rank of Colonel and given command of the 30th. Mira had a child and returned to command of the 30th in 3067, whereupon she used her family connections to improve her unit's supply situation.[7]


  • Field Manual: Update erroneously identifies Admiral Heather Alexander as the director of the Free Worlds League Navy on page 149.


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