Heather Fyhne

Heather Fyhne 3076.png
Heather Fyhne
Born 3040
Affiliation House Steiner
House Fyhne
Duchess of Arcturus
Parents Arielle Fyhne (mother)
Spouse Adam Steiner
Children Andrew Steiner
Frederick Steiner

Heather Fyhne (b. 3040 - d. 3??? ) was the wife of Archon Adam Steiner and Baroness of Arcturus in her own right.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Heather Fyhne was the daughter of Duchess Arielle Fyhne, who became the Archonette of Arcturus following the assassination of Peter Steiner-Davion in 3073.[1]

As Wife to the Archon[edit]

On 14 May 3074 Archon Adam Steiner announced his engagement to Heather Fyhne.[2][3][4] The wedding ceremony took place on 11 December. The official announcement of her pregnancy came days afterwards.[5]

Following the birth of the couple's first son Andrew, media reports noted that they spent less time in each other's company, possibly due to the political nature of the union. Heather did not seem to mind, at least publicly, instead choosing to spend her energy and kroner on clothes and parties.[1]

In 3077 Heather traveled to shore up support for the war against the Word of Blake. On 12 September she was mobbed on Furillo by a group protesting the use of toxic metals in ammunition. Her limousine was rocked, but she was unhurt.[6] On 11 December she dealt with another mob, this time on Enkoping. This time, the group was protesting Lyran participation in Devlin Stone's alliance to defeat the Blakists. Lady Steiner's guards opened fire in an attempt to get the crowd to disperse. Instead they panicked and stampeded twenty-nine people to death.[7]


Shortly after ascending to the Lyran throne, Adam Steiner recognized the need to produce an heir. He romanced Heather for two months, after which they were married in a small ceremony. She gave birth to two children, Andrew and Frederick.[1]


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