Heavy Fire Base (Jihad)

Production information
Use Gun Emplacement
Structure Type Heavy
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost  ?
Man Hours
Introduced 3070
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes) 1
Levels (see text)
Construction Factor
Power Requirements  ?
Armament Turret:


Heat Sinks  ?
Armor 80
Equipment 4 Search lights, 2 crew quarters, paramedic equipment, communication equipment, field kitchen, Guardian ECM Suite, power generator, CASE, environmental sealing, 10 tons cargo storage
BV 299 (BV 2)


This generic fusion engine powered Jihad era Heavy Fire Base was one of several generic bases presented in HexPack Promotion 1 to go with the punchout terrain tiles that came with the promotional DropShip tiles for HexPack: Cities and Roads. According to its Faction Usage entry, it is a generic structure found throughout the Successor States and Periphery (although this particular version was reportedly originally introduced by the Word of Blake). The stated crew is 2 officers, 4 crew, 4 gunners and 6 bay personnell.

For other eras, Heavy Fire Base (Age of War) and Heavy Fire Base (Clan Invasion) were also provided.

In what may be an error, the structure's height is explicitly stated to be 6 meter (1 level) in the description but the specific tile highlighted to go with the description is marked as a "Level 2 Heavy" building with a gun turret.[1]


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