Helen Trempeleau

At Age

Helen Trempeleau (born 3002 - died 3???) was an activist seeking more investment in the Federated Suns Outback region and later leader of the Filtvelt Coalition.[1]


As a member of a minor noble house in the Federated Suns outback, Helen sought always to increase the level of wealth of the common citizen. In the early 3030's, she spent two years working to get several civilian scholarships funded at the Filtvelt Military Academy. After two years of negotiation, several large corporations agreed to fund these scholarships. In 3046, her constant efforts to improve the lives of those in the Outback were rewarded when Hanse Davion awarded her the title of Marquess. She used the new political power of her title to start several economic programs that improved the quality of life and economies of several worlds throughout the region. These efforts were rewarded again in 3057 when Hanse Davion made her title of Marquess permanent.[1]

Though the worlds she loved were not directly affected by the FedCom Civil War, the resulting disruption in trade and chronic shortages, coupled with a post-war economic recession threatened to undo the hard work she had done. She used the people's upset at being ignored by New Avalon to form a popular movement to demand better treatment. Though originally she wanted to work within the system, the early shots of the Jihad rendered New Avalon and the existing Federal structure unable to meet their obligations to protect the Outback. Faced with an increase in pirate activity and no help from New Avalon or the rest of the Federated Suns, Trempeleau led the secession of several worlds from the Suns in order to form the Filtvelt Coalition in 3072.[1]



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