Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Hideyoshi was a Draconis Combine DropShip assigned to the 5th and Sixth Ghost Regiments counter-strike against the Federated Suns forces occupying the Combine world of Biham during the War of 3039. At that time the vessel was under the command of Captain Basil Hamel, the remainder of its primary bride crew Navigation Officer Lisa McMurray, Weapons Operator Kanako Mobil, Sensor Operator James Sakura, Pilot Rica Zanza and Systems Officer Thomas Laurey. [1] [2]

Part of a Combine picket-line in orbit around the planet, the Hideyoshi encountered the Laurel's Legion when the mercenary unit abandoned the world on August 27th 3039 and attempted to fight their way through the Combine forces in orbit. Focusing on the Legion's Achilles-class Veracity, the Hideyoshi successfully scored a series of heavy hits against the vessel and seemingly crippled the mercenary DropShip. However, while doomed, the Veracity's drive system was still functional, the Veracity launching escape pods to save some of its crew before the remainder aimed their ship at the Hideyoshi. [1] [2]

Its drive and maneuvering systems redlining as its crew unsuccessfully attempted to evade it, the Hideyoshi was rammed by the Veracity full-force. Suffering multiple hull breaches and its internal structure and drive system failing, Captain Hamel desperately gave the order to abandon ship moments before the Hideyoshi's reactor went critical. The ship was lost with all hands, the final moments on the bridge of the Hideyoshi revealed by its recovered black box recorder.[1] [2]


While the Hideyoshi's class is not explicitly named in the text, the image on p. 81 of a damaged flight recorder shows the image of an exploding Union-class ship assumed to be the Combine ship.[1]


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