High-Capacity Power Pack


High-Capacity Power Packs are a type of Power Pack produced in the Inner Sphere. These high-capacity (HC) batteries come in the same variety as standard power packs but are more expensive and less common.[1]

High-Capacity Power Pack[edit]

As with the standard power pack, this HC power pack is the size and shape of a pistol grip, making it easy to store and provide enough power for many electrical applications.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/A
  • Cost: 15
  • Mass: 300g
  • Power Capacity: 30


High-Capacity Micro Power Pack[edit]

Roughly the size of a coin, these batteries are ideal for handheld device.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: E/C/A
  • Cost: 30
  • Mass: 20g
  • Power Capacity: 20


High-Capacity Satchel Battery[edit]

These larger packs are the size and shape of a canteen, requiring the user to attach them to a belt or combat webbing.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/A
  • Cost: 60
  • Mass: 3kg
  • Power Capacity: 150


High-Capacity Military Power Pack[edit]

These backpack-sized batteries provide the greater amount of charge among HC packs.[1]

  • Equipment Rating: D/B/B
  • Cost: 120
  • Mass: 6kg
  • Power Capacity: 300



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