Hiroshi Bartusiak

Hiroshi Bartusiak (b. ???? - d. Jan 2582) was the Planetary Governor of the world of Tabayama within the Outworlds Alliance during Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581.[1]

Early Life[edit]

Bartusiak saw the stationing of troops from the Outworlds Alliance Militia on Tabayama in the lead up to the Star League invasion as a threat to his control over the world, and pursued a covert pro-Kurita agenda that saw him negotiate first with nearby governors of Combine worlds and then with Sho-sho Masao Igushi, the commander of the DCMS corps acting in support of the Star League forces invading the Outworlds Alliance.[1]

When the 4th Galedon Regulars landed on Tabayama in August 2581, they found that Bartusiak had been actively hampering the OAM attempts to fortify Tabayama by blocking attempts to obtain manpower and resources; Bartusiak not only surrendered to the 4th Galedon Regulars, he also supplied the DCMS forces with the location of the OAM DropShips. In contrast to Bartusiak's position, the population of Tabayama rose up in revolt against both him and the Combine forces, and the OAM troops on Tabayama used this as cover to conduct raids against the DCMS troops. The 4th Galedon Regulars responded by using BattleMechs and live fire to disrupt and disperse civilian protests, drawing the OAM forces out of hiding. The OAM forces - 2 battalions of armor from the 1st Armored Division - came out in defence of the population, and managed to both recapture the city of Yamabad and it's spaceport, and hold the 4th Galedon Regulars off long enough to evacuate two companies of armour and two thousand civilians.[1]

Bartusiak and his administration were replaced by a Combine governor and officials at the end of 2581; Bartusiak was murdered two weeks later, in early 2582.[1]


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