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Formative Years[edit]

When Nicholas Kerensky led his Second Exodus from the Pentagon Worlds, Dana Kufahl was among those who followed him. She had been born on Terra in 2772 and grew up during the bloody reign of Stefan Amaris. Her parents were former members of the Terran Security Forces who joined a resistance cell that included SLDF survivors and Native American tribespeople. When they were killed in an ambush the tribe adopted and taught her their ways until the day of liberation finally came. She joined Aleksandr Kerensky on the initial Exodus from the Inner Sphere and attended the military academy on Dagda, where she met and fell in love with Andery Kerensky. The two served in the SLDF, with Kufahl part of an exploration team charting new worlds. It was on the recently-discovered world of Foster that Kufhal had her first vision: a knight in resplendent armor, suddenly consumed by a darkness that began to grow without end. The warning came too late though, as Aleksandr Kerensky was dead and civil war had begun by the time she contacted her ship.[1]

On Strana Mechty Nicholas Kerensky chose Kufahl to be the first Khan of Clan Coyote with Kesar Jerricho as her saKhan. Gerek Tchernovkov, an armor officer of the 146th Royal BattleMech Division, was chosen by the Clan's own warriors to serve as their Pack Master, a position which evolved into that of Loremaster. Khan Kufahl took the Clan into the Broken Sea, a vast equatorial desert, where for three months she led them in tribal rituals in order to cleanse their soul. It was during this time that Kufahl and her warriors witnessed a portent that would shape the Clan for centuries to come, when a pack of wolves and coyotes worked together to bring down a herd of prey. Upon their return Dana related the episode to her lover Andrey and Nicholas, who quickly understood the significance of what she saw as well. The two Clans formed close ties with each other, fighting mock battles together and mingling openly outside of training, forming a bond that would last generations.[2]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

By 2821, the Clans were deemed ready to return to the Pentagon Worlds. A full reconnaissance survey had been conducted by a team led by Khan Absalom Truscott of Clan Star Adder, called Operation: Sable Sun. Truscott also used this time to formulate the over-all plan of conquest which was adopted by ilKhan Kerensky, a plan titled Operation Klondike.[3][4]

Clan Coyote was selected for the drop onto Babylon, along with three other Clans. Their ranks were filled almost entirely with heavy and assault-class BattleMechs, making them the primary hitting power on the planet. But what could have been a smooth, if not well-planned operation got off to a bad start from the very beginning and never fully recovered, though the Clans would still go on to victory.[5]


With the intention of knocking out the largest power on the planet to cow the rest into submission,[5] all four Clans landed on the continent of Solath, in the vicinity of the city of Camlaan. Nothing would go according to even this simple plan. The Clans met stiff resistance and counter attacks from reinforcements coming in from every direction, effectively separating Clan Ice Hellion and Clan Cloud Cobra from the main body. Clan Coyote and Clan Sea Fox were left to carry out the assault. Penetrating Camlaan's outer defenses, they pushed deep into the city as reinforcements poured in from the northern and western approaches. Sea Fox Star Colonel Karen Nagasawa, an Aerospace Fighter pilot, saw the danger approaching the Clans' flanks, strafing and bombing the incoming 'Mechs with her Aerospace Fighter Stars, while issuing orders for all Clan forces to target the weak spots that she saw from above. Khan Kufahl took grave exception to this presumption of authority - as well as what Kufahl considered to be dishonorable tactics - and ordered her forces to gather on a hill near the center of the city, a hill that would come to be known as "Kufahl's Promenade". Her Coyotes stood by and watched as the Sea Foxes faced the battle for Camlaan alone. Though the Foxes would claim victory by the next day, it came at the cost of their Khan, David Kalasa. The greater cost of these events to the operation as a whole would be a deep distrust for the Coyotes from their sister Clans - especially the embittered Sea Foxes.[6][7]

After Camlaan, the Coyotes were left largely to their own devices. They would take the sparsely populated northern expanses of Solath over the next few months, facing little to no resistance during their long march through the vast mountain and desert wastes.[7]


The continent of Abyssinia did not seem to offer very many chances for honor, though the Coyotes had no choice in the matter, as they had taken the longest to finish their stretch of Solath. In this case, looks were deceiving. For this leg of the operation, Khan Kufahl ordered the Coyote force to be split into three commands, each bringing dozens of tiny settlements under Coyote control. The first two groups would follow her and saKhan Kesar Jerricho respectively. At a large settlement called Luyden, saKhan Jerricho bid 23 warriors for the battle, defeating nearly twice their number of opponents to win the city. At another large city called Ponomia, Khan Kufahl won with a bid 17 warriors for the fight, only to fight a brutal and lengthy battle to secure the city.[8]


The third group was under the command of Star Captain Gerek Tchernovkov. As the campaign progressed, he would receive an invitation to meet with the leaders of the city of Versailles. The invitation asked for him specifically by name, something that gave Star Captain Tchernovkov feelings of trepidation, though he accepted it. Leading his Binary to the city, Gerek Tchernovkov was completely surprised to find himself face to face with his twin brother, Richard Tchernovkov, a brilliant scientist and leader of a scientific community centered at Versailles. The two brothers talked all that day and all of the next. At the dawn of the third day, Gerek Tchernovkov sent a message to Khan Kufahl bidding himself to take the city of Versailes, and inviting both of his Khans to tour the city.[9]

Tragic Aftermath[edit]

After the campaign ended, Khan Kufahl was nearly crippled with grief when she heard the news about Andery Kerensky's death on Eden. Dana Kufahl would fall into a deep depression punctuated by periods of extreme mania. These erratic mood swings began to take their toll on her Clan. Unable to bear seeing the Coyotes suffer further losses due to Khan Kufahl's impaired ability to properly lead her forces through her overwhelming grief, saKhan Jerricho knew something had to be done. Not wishing to shame or otherwise harm his Khan, Jerricho challenged Dana Kufahl to a Trial of Possession for the Khanship of Clan Coyote and won. Freed from the bonds of leadership but without any loss of honor or dignity, Dana Kufahl then disappeared into the deserts of Strana Mechty, seeking healing in solitude and ancient tribal ritual. After a time she returned to her Clan, becoming an adviser, and also serving as ambassador to the rest of the Clans until her death in 2855.[10][11]

A Golden Age[edit]

As Khan Jerricho and saKhan Tchernovkov settled into their new roles, the first cracks in Kerensky's new society began to form. The Khans would stand firmly behind their Wolf Clan allies when the Not-Named Clan's treacherous actions demanded the harshest punishment possible. Years later in 2834, they once more backed the Wolves in their bid to Absorb Clan Widowmaker after the death of ilKhan Kerensky at the hands of Widowmaker Khan Cal Jorgensson, honoring the alliance forged by Dana Kufahl. Technological and scientific growth were also promoted from early on, especially in the realm of military applications. The Coyote's engineering program would turn out their first new BattleMech designs in 2829, though these were little more than reconfigurations of older designs. New designs continued to improve as they were rolled out over the years, as their teams of scientists and engineers gained experience.[12][13]

During this time, the Coyotes developed their uncanny knack for sensing opportunity, becoming more like their totem. First with Khan Jerricho, and later continuing with Khan Tchernovkov, the Coyotes became quite famous for knowing right when to strike their enemies. After Operation Klondike, the Coyotes would often Trial for anything they needed, from raw resources to additional territory. During the early years of the Golden Century, Clan Cloud Cobra became a frequent target, made attractive by their advanced scientific practices and facilities in the area of genetic science.[14] After Gerek Tchernovkov's elevation to the post of Khan in 2845, he would continue to keep his Touman busy by targeting Clan Star Adder, gaining territory as the Adders fought back attack after attack from the relentless Clan Mongoose.[13][15]

The Coyote's weapons development program continued to churn out new 'Mech designs to meet the ever changing needs of the Clan Coyote Touman, though they would constantly strive to achieve greater flexibility of design over the years. Then in 2847, Scientist Richard (Remer) - formerly Richard Tchernovkov - announced to his Khans that he had invented a working prototype with completely interchangeable weapons and equipment.[16] Based on the Mercury BattleMech, the design still required several more years of refinement and testing to perfect. The Coyotes were aided along the way by scientists from Clan Sea Fox, who had heard early word of the secret design, but kept it quiet, understanding the nature of the new development. By 2854, production models were entering service, and by 2859 next-generation designs were likewise finding their way into the Coyote Touman. The OmniMech had been born, revolutionizing warfare amongst the Clans.[13][16][17]

The Coyotes had their hands full with fighting the many Trials of Possession during the years that followed. Most every Clan realized that they would have to procure this development for their own Toumans if they wanted to keep up. Lodging a protest with the Grand Council over the volume of challenges, in 2858 the Council would respond by electing Clan Burrock Khan Zenos Danforth to be the first ilKhan since the death of ilKhan Jerome Winson seven years earlier. His task was to arbitrate the many Trials, in an attempt to keep at least some level of civility. Soon, legislation passed that limited the challenges to one per Clan per year. The Coyotes kept their secret as best they could, but eventually the technology would spread. One of the early Clans to win the design was Clan Jade Falcon. Noted for their opposition to Clan Wolf from early on in Clan history (and by extension, their allies, Clan Coyote), the Falcons won the OmniMech design in 2863. Khan Tchernovkov then informed his allies in Clan Wolf about the unit that won the design, providing them with a chance to win the OmniMech without having to fight the Coyotes for it, which they would go on to do handily. After the invention of Elemental Battle Armor years later, the Wolf Khans repaid the debt in full by providing the Coyotes with information once more leading to the Jade Falcon unit that had wrested the technology from them.[18][17][19]

One of the other Clans to win OmniMech technology early on was Clan Fire Mandrill, specifically their Kindraa Smythe Jewel. Aside from the sting of losing this technology to a rival Clan, the Coyotes took exception to what they termed "dubious bidding practices", lodging a protest with the ilKhan regarding their deceptive use of Clan procedure. The incident was eventually ruled fair, though the Coyotes were dissatisfied by the decision. Several years later in 2870, a similar incident occurred with the Smythe-Jewels once more at the center of controversy, this time involving Clan Hell's Horses and their development of the Elemental.[20] Horse Khan Eric Amirault was livid with rage, demanding the Annihilation of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel, a motion which failed when put to a vote. Most notably, the Coyote Khans voted against the measure. Once more, the incident would eventually be ruled fair.[21][22][23][24]

Coyote Khan Manfred Hollifield took note of the Hell's Horses preparations to exact their own revenge, and intervened with a preemptive batchall. Khan Hollifield would then explain his position to Amirault, and suggest an alternative: That they join forces to crush a mutually hated foe. Three years passed, with life in the Clan Homeworlds returning to its normal flow. As Kindraa Smythe-Jewel began to fall into a more complacent stance, and with no ilKhan to arbitrate disputes (Zenos Danforth had died later in 2870), the time for revenge had come. In 2872, Clan Hell's Horses launched an attack on the Smythe-Jewel's holdings on Foster. Included in their forces was the Coyote's 100th Assault Cluster under the command of Coyote saKhan Katarina Steele, along with several additional smaller mixed units. Khan Amirault made sure that his batchall - which included the Coyotes in what would come to be known as a contract bidding capacity - was broadcasted on a wide frequency, so that all parties on the planet would known who was invading and why. Star Colonel William Smythe, the perpetrator of the original attacks on the Coyotes and Hell's Horses, accepted the batchall, bidding the entirety of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel toward the defense. The battle lasted for 26 hours, and before it ended, Kindraa Payne put in an appearance to ensure that their treacherous kin did not escape justice. The isorla from the battle was divided amongst the victors, with the Coyotes taking control of the Foster enclave and half of the genetic legacies contained at the Smythe-Jewel compound. Kindraa Payne was given a small cut of each for their role. All three parties departed with a new found mutual respect.[21][22][23][24]

The Coyotes would continue to grow through the years, becoming a truly dominant force in the Clan Homeworlds. At the height of the Golden Century, Coyote Khan Corian Tchernovkov was elected to the office of ilKhan in 2920, in order to moderate the rising tide of inter-Clan disputes. Though she would strive to fulfill her mandate, some conflicts - namely, the conflict between Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Hell's Horses - were beyond even the most diplomatic of mediators to fully arbitrate. Her reign was cut short by what at first appeared to be a training accident, an occurrence that was not at all unheard of amongst Clan officers. The truth was uncovered twelve years into the reign of her successor, ilKhan Tobias Khatib. What seemed to be an accidental death turned out to be foul murder, proven beyond a doubt by evidence brought forth by Clan Snow Raven. In 2947, Khatib was stripped of office and executed for his crime, but vengeance was by no means sated. Coyote Khan Judas Levien launched a mass assault on Clan Cloud Cobra holdings to extract his own measure of revenge. With the rules of zellbrigen tossed aside for the most part, the Coyote's rage and grief poured forth onto the Cobras. During one particular battle at the Cobra capital of Homer, the Cobras would lose 80% of their Alpha Galaxy. But heavy losses were not limited to the Cloud Cobras. The Coyotes would lose enclaves on Brim and on Homer through their zealous focus on vengeance. Khan Levien was not yet done making their enemy pay for the fallen Tchernovkov, but the toll from a year and a half of warfare was quickly mounting. Coyote saKhan James Kielman felt compelled to end the conflict before his Clan suffered any more losses over an event that happened nearly 15 years prior. He would challenge Khan Levien to a Trial of Grievance, and in the process killed him. Though the bleeding of constant vendetta had ended, the Coyotes would not regain their dominance. From this point onward, the Coyote's fortunes would slowly decline.[25][26][27]

The Road to War[edit]

By the end of the Golden Century a great debate had begun within Clan society, between those who wished to return to the Inner Sphere as conquerors, or Crusaders, and those who wished to remain separated in order to protect it from outside threats, or Wardens. Within Clan Coyote, opinion was split between the two camps and a political tug-of-war broke out which would last for two decades until 2967. In what became known as the Blood Scandal, Crusader-minded warriors from eight Bloodname Houses conspired with saKhan Carson Graves and other warriors of Clan Star Adder to perform a coup d'etat against the Warden-minded Coyote leadership. Secretly, saKhan Graves was setting Clan Coyote up to be Absorbed, but the plot was discovered by Coyote Khan Tatiana Steele before it could be carried out. The eight conspiring Bloodname Houses were effectively Annihilated with the execution of nearly two thousand warriors and their offspring, with a Reaving called down upon each House, sealing their fate. saKhan Graves was handed over by the Star Adders to be executed and his genetic legacy destroyed as surkairede. However the Star Adders refused to hand over Graves' co-conspirators or their Bloodlines for similar punishment, an affront which became the basis for the ongoing feud between the Coyotes and Adders.[28]

With their ranks cleansed of treason the Coyotes worked with the Wolves to form a powerful political bloc within the Grand Council to oppose the Jade Falcons, Smoke Jaguars and Star Adders during what became known as the Political Century. While the Wardens were successful in postponing the Crusaders' desire to conquer, including the Coyote-backed Dragoon Compromise which sent Wolf's Dragoons into the Inner Sphere, mounting pressure both politically and militarily began taking its toll. The Coyotes in particular became the target of the Crusaders, as well as the opportunistic Cloud Cobras, and after decades of constant fighting by 3045 their territory had been reduced to a quarter of its previous size. In an effort to regain lost territory and political clout within the Grand Council, Khan Robin Steele led several campaigns against Clan Snow Raven, but in the end the effort only served to weaken both Clans and leave them out of the inevitable invasion. When Smoke Jaguar Khan Leo Showers revealed the discovery of an Inner Sphere ship, the Outbound Light, within Clan space, the Crusaders were finally able to push through the Grand Council their motion to attack.[29]

Aftermath of the Invasion[edit]

Like many other Clans, the Coyotes were forced to watch from the sidelines as Operation Revival begun with the Invading Clans smash into the Inner Sphere, taking world after world with seeming ease. As news began to trickle back of defeats at the hands of the "barbarians", however, the mood within Clan space began to change, until finally the disaster at the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052 put a hard stop to any ambitions of further conquest. It also led to the election of Sullivan Koga and Pazi Tchernovkov, hard-line Wardens, as the Coyotes' new Khan and SaKhan. Khan Koga in particular began a serious of reforms within the Coyotes' depleted military forces, over the objections of many within the Clan, to try and regain its former strength.[29][30][31]

Clan Coyote sided with the Wolves when the Jade Falcons brought charges of treason against them in the Grand Council, but could only watch as the Refusal War split their closest ally in two. The Clan willingly stood on the sidelines during the Burrock Absorption and the Star League assault on Clan Smoke Jaguar so that long-time adversaries could be weakened or destroyed. With the destruction of the Smoke Jaguars, the Coyotes seized what they could of their former enemy's remnants, all too cognizant of their weakened state and wishing to avoid protracted battles. Their assault on Huntress lasted just long enough to gain the Jaguars' ProtoMech technology before they quickly withdrew, while the campaign on Londerholm netted a portion of the planet but left them in constant struggle with Clan Ice Hellion. On Brim, the Coyotes found Clan Nova Cat had already been driven off the planet by their hated foes the Star Adders and Cloud Cobras but attacked regardless. Several weeks of fighting proved inconclusive as Star Adder reinforcements continued to pour in, and when the Cloud Cobras threatened to cut the attack force off Khan Koga finally ordered the Coyotes to withdraw. It was also during the Brim assault in 3062 that the Coyotes' Loremaster Clarissa Jerricho led a multi-Clan task force against the Cloud Cobras' Diet on Babylon, hoping to eliminate that Clan's leadership, but the attack failed.[30][32]

Two weeks after the disastrous assault on Brim, as well as the Babylon Diet, Khan Koga was killed in a follow-up attack on Huntress for additional Smoke Jaguar resources to assist in their ProtoMech development. In the resulting vacuum saKhan Silas Kufahl rose to lead the Clan, but as an outspoken critic of Koga's reform policies Kufahl had many enemies. Dozens of warriors challenged him in Trials of Grievance and Possession, challenges which left the Clan's leadership blind to outside threats, and in a surprise move Jade Falcon warriors successfully landed on Tamaron itself and seized the Landen 'Mech Production Complex in just a few days. In the resulting shock from such a bold move the disparate factions rallied around Galaxy Commander Raven Clearwater, a long-time opponent of Kufahl, who successfully drove off the Falcons in two short, decisive battles. Shortly thereafter Clearwater and Kufahl fought a Trial to end the bickering, and while Kufhal barely win the challenge Clearwater was elected saKhan the same day. The two would put aside their differences and work together to continue the reforms Koga began.[32]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

Several more years of quietly building up the Coyote's strength passed before Khan Kufahl felt it was time to wade back into the waters of Clan conflict in 3069. After discussing his plans with saKhan Clearwater, they would both agree that some of the fractured Kindraa of Clan Fire Mandrill would make excellent targets for possible Absorption. While Kindraa Sainze resisted their overtures, Kindraa Mattila-Carrol relented, sharing valuable research data and even granting the Coyotes an enclave on the Mandrill-dominated world of Shadow. The other Kindraa were furious, but unable to oust the Coyotes from their newest abode.[33]

Politics in the Grand Council had become increasingly toxic during this time. In a grab for power amongst the Home Clans, Khan Brett Andrews of Clan Steel Viper motioned for a vote of no confidence, which would dissolve the body until new leadership was elected for each of the Clans. Khan Kufahl took note of the political power horded by the so-called Snake Alliance, deciding on the Steel Vipers as the primary target for his Clan's rise to dominance.[34]

The Great Coyote[edit]

Khan Kufahl's master plan was a very long process that involved many layers of machinations. Some of his short term plans involved assisting various Home Clans in their plans to leave the Clan Homeworlds for the brighter pastures of the Inner Sphere. But just as often it was simply a matter of opportunity. Clan Hell's Horses Khan James Cobb would first approach the Coyotes near the end of 3071, offering the Horse enclaves on Kirin and Tiber to the Coyotes in exchange for material aid in their flight. Both of the acquisitions would add greatly to the Coyote's resources and production.[34]

While using the Snow Raven-Star Adder conflict as cover for their expansion the Coyotes moved to expand on Londerholm, taking several industrialized enclaves from Clan Ice Hellion. Coyote Galaxy Commander Armin Tamzarian noted the pronounced lack of defenses not indicated by the flurry of cover activity that took place over the Ice Hellion holdings. At this time, Clan Snow Raven would also approach the Coyotes about a deal to help aid their flight from the the Homeworlds at this time, which also gifted the Coyotes with enclaves and more materials. Staging mock attacks that were to disguise their efforts at assisting the Snow Ravens, the Coyotes managed to attract no attention while acting against the political currents of the time. They would also agree to assist Clan Diamond Shark, gaining several Clusters of forces to add to the Coyote Touman in exchange for excess Jumpships and other materials.[34]

Meanwhile, politics had been heating up for quite some time. In early 3071, Garret Sainze of the Fire Mandrills was elected ilKhan by a narrow margin after a Star Adder/Steel Viper political ploy backfired. It would ultimately come to naught. IlKhan Sainze died in a Trial of Refusal declared days after his election, on the grounds that he had done nothing to further the agenda for which he had been elected: Renewing the invasion of the Inner Sphere.[35] Months later, after another string of events in the Grand Council, the Coyote's long-time ally Clan Wolf was Abjured. In a deal long worked out in advance and paid for with several Wolf units and the Wolf enclaves in exchange for Coyote sibkos, equipment, and cooperation, the Coyotes bid hard for, and won, the rights to enforce the Grand Council's decision and evict the Wolves. They then used their position to assist their ally under cover of the sanctioned attacks. Their well-meant plans would not have a great deal of success, as several other Clans felt that the Coyote's progress was too slow, intervening in the process with attacks of their own. The Coyotes still helped to stymie efforts by Clan Blood Spirit on Eden, and Clan Steel Viper on Glory, both aimed at seizing territory from and attempting to destroy the retreating Wolves. When all was done, this deal would see the entire Blood Heritage of Jennifer Winson pass from Wolf to Coyote keeping, something that would serve the Coyotes well one day.[36][37]

Breaking the Unity[edit]

In December of 3071, Khan Brett Andrews of Clan Steel Viper was elected ilKhan of the Clans riding the wake after a close but successful vote to refute the Great Refusal. He himself had championed the motion, fighting back opposition from several Inner Sphere Clans voting along with the Coyote Khans, who also stood in opposition to the measure. The new ilKhan would quickly announce his intentions of removing the taint of the Inner Sphere from Clan culture in order to purify Kerensky's children, through the process of Reaving, whereby any Clan that carried out the Reaving would receive ownership of that Bloodname.[38] He demonstrated his decree by declaring a Trial of Reaving against saKhan Angus Labov of Clan Diamond Shark. Labov would accept, demanding that the trial happen immediately. Quickly speaking the ritual words, ilKhan Andrews flipped a concealed blade from his Steel Viper ceremonial garb across the chamber floor and into the neck of the Diamond Shark saKhan, killing him and completing the ritual in full view of the Grand Council.[39]

While most of the Home Clans were jubilant about the new decree, the Coyotes took a different view. For years, Khan Kufahl had been courting dangerous forces in the form of a cabal of independent-minded scientists called The Society that had many of its roots in their own Clan. By this point he had become deeply ensnared in the alliance, affirming loyalty to their cause above all. He had kept this alliance a secret from saKhan Clearwater, revealing it only before a Clan Council meeting with their scientist caste. Being a conventional Clan warrior, Raven Clearwater knew that the plan was high treason, but cast her own better judgement aside after coming to understand the gravity of the situation. The Reavings would destroy the entirety of the Clans' carefully maintained gene pool due to the powerful and arbitrary nature of ilKhan Andrews' decree, placing what was once the domain of the scientist caste into the hands of the warriors. Her decision made, the Coyotes would smoothly slide into the role of military for the Society.[40][41]

The Reavings[edit]

While the orgy of initial Reavings were called and fought for on Strana Mechty and other worlds, Silas Kufahl was forced to defend his Clan from reprisals emanating from several other Clans over his decision to aid the Abjured Wolves. Hoard, Paxon and Glory were all former Wolf holdings that had passed into Coyote hands within the last year, and each faced an assault soon after the Grand Council vote. On Hoard, Clan Star Adder wiped out the 80th Strike Cluster, catching the defenders completely off guard. Glory would fall to a combined force from Clan Fire Mandrill and Clan Goliath Scorpion. On Paxon, however, a bloody battle between the Coyotes, the Diamond Sharks and Clan Blood Spirit left several opportunities for Clan Coyote Star Colonel Daniel Levien to win glory in successful battle, as well as gain in the form of resources meant to be shipped to the Inner Sphere by the Diamond Sharks, along with the enclaves left behind.[42]

One of the first official acts of the Clans under the new ilKhan would be to carry out the Reaving of Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline-Sainze on Shadow. The Coyotes, who already possessed an enclave on the world, carried out the bulk of the attack, with aid from a Cluster each from the Goliath Scorpions and Steel Vipers. After 36 hours of fighting, the Coyotes defeated nearly three times their own number in enemy forces. As Fire Mandrill saKhan Dakar Mick attempted to surrender himself and his remaining forces to the Coyotes, they were all killed by Coyote Elementals. The Coyotes then turned on the Scorpion and Viper forces on-planet, wiping them out and claiming all that remained, including their Dropships and Jumpships, as isorla.[43]

In January of 3072, an unmarked Coyote fleet carrying a large contingent of Society forces hit the Steel Viper world of Ironhold, riding under the cover of a mysterious viral electronic communications blackout that had spread from world to world without notice until that time. Engineered by the Society and unleashed after the ilKhan's election, the loss of HPG communications would contribute greatly to Clan Coyote being able to cover its treacherous actions during the early stages of the conflict. Indeed, their sister Clans would not realize the full extent of Coyote duplicity until the rogue Clan was almost subdued. Ironhold would fall within a week, with the Steel Viper's Omicron Galaxy was completely destroyed. This would set the pattern for other conquests: Babylon, Circe, Dagda, Brim, Huntress and Vinton would each fall, with varying degrees of Clan Coyote assistance. The insurrection reached its height when the reborn Clan Burrock declared its existence and ownership of the Tanis system later in the year. With the total defection of Clan Star Adder's Upsilon Galaxy, which had been primarily a unit of hardline Burrocks and various malcontents of Clan Star Adder, the reborn Clan Burrock found itself with a sizable veteran Clan force to defend the three planet star system. Though the Coyotes had not heard of nor planned on this development, it would only help them to maintain the element of surprise during their dark crusade.[43][44][45]

Six Coyote Galaxies would lend direct aid to the Society's cause, helping to cover for their weakness as the rebel group built up forces from their base of washed out Trueborns from throughout Clan society, and Dark Caste cast-offs. Resistance on Huntress would collapse after drops onto the continents Abysmal and Jaguar Prime surprised the Goliath Scorpion and Cloud Cobras. Worse, a virus of biological nature began to devastate the main continent a short time after the Coyotes withdrew their forces. The Society would later claim the planet after the virus of their making had been allowed to do its work. This would not be the last time biological agents tailored to kill the Society's enemies were employed. Many Bloodnames were targeted by various engineered virii, and great swaths of the population of many worlds felt their scourge before serum and vaccination could be produced to counter the afflictions.[46][47]

As all of this unfolded, Khan Silas Kufahl marched on towards his ultimate purpose: To challenge ilKhan Brett Andrews. In August of 3072, a Coyote fleet jumped into the New Kent system. Still not expecting outright hostility from the Coyotes, the Steel Vipers were somewhat shocked when Khan Kufahl issued a Trial of Reaving on Brett Andrew's Bloodname, blaming him for his failure to rally the Clans against the internal threats that now loomed over them all. Once on the ground, Khan Kufahl would not last five minutes in battle against the ilKhan inside the Viper's Clan Council chamber. He was soon replaced as Khan by a washed out trueborn scientist turned warrior, Elliot McKibben, who rode to power on a great swell of Society support. Though there was resistance to this turn of events, personified by saKhan Raven Clearwater and the Trial of Refusal that she fought and ultimately lost, this would in effect complete the co-opting of Clan Coyote.[48]

Still not fully recognizing how deeply the Coyotes had betrayed them, the ilKhan would acknowledge that the Coyote charges were based in some amount of truth. Mobilizing the various Clan Watches of his Snake Alliance cohorts, they slowly began to realize the depths of the damage done. Many Clan worlds had "gone dark" during caste revolts and Bandit Caste attacks, with no HPG communications possible, and few or no reports of returning traffic from these worlds. They also noted the lack of presence of any significant Ice Hellion forces. The ilKhan used his position and the mounting crisis to call for and receive the rights to the Absorption of the Ice Hellions, to be shared by Clan Cloud Cobra, Clan Star Adder and Clan Steel Viper. On Londerholm, the Coyotes moved against Steel Viper forces as they consolidated the former Ice Hellion holdings. The Vipers noted that many of the forces and some of the sibkos encountered were comprised of malformed individuals, and often were the subjects of experiments in drug-enhancement or enslavement by the Society. Mass Annihilations were executed all over the planet as the Viper's Beta and Gamma Galaxies under the command of Viper saKhan Nicole Hoskins fought and eventually triumphed over heavier resistance than anticipated. She would die from a virus later in the year, striken by a plague that eventually killed most of the Hoskins, Mercer and Tamm Bloodlines.[48]

These scenes replayed on Foster, where Society and Clan Coyote forces poured out onto the Vipers. All but one of the Coyote enclaves would self-destruct in massive explosions before Steel Viper's Alpha Galaxy could consolidate their gains. Though the ilKhan would still not understand the depths of the betrayal, only seeing these events as the acts of crazed aberrations, he would declare the Society and those who harbored them or Dark Caste bandits to be equal to the Not-Named Clan and Annihilated accordingly.[48] The Coyotes and Vipers fought and lost a naval engagement over the now cut-off Clan Snow Raven world of Hellgate, and in October one of the first battles for Tamaron began with the appearance of Clan Star Adder's Gamma Naval Reserve, looking to secure information about how the Coyotes seemed to recover so quickly from disasters that wreaked havoc on the rest of the Clans.[49][50]

Clan Coyote's fortunes rode high for time, before their situation caught up with them. A Coyote victory over the Goliath Scorpions on Foster that netted them control of over most of the planet was welcome, as was saKhan Clearwater's victory over the last Diamond Shark enclave left in the Clan Homeworlds at Vinton, though they would largely abandon it to their Society comrades. And at Niles, some of the last survivors of Clan Fire Mandrill and a few Hell's Horses survivors reported that the Coyotes had left, but returned often to trial for groups of citizens for use by the Society.[51][52][53]

In March of 3073, the ilKhan gathered a Steel Viper taskforce centered on the mighty Leviathan Prime class Perigard Zalman along with several other Steel Viper WarShips and Galaxies. Their task was to secure all Viper holdings and root out the Society at its source. Grant's Station, Marshall and Atreus were soon liberated of occupying Society and Bandit Caste forces - though at cost of a plague striking Grant's Station - as the Vipers began to piece together the evidence against Clan Coyote. Throughout the rest of the year and into the next, the Steel Vipers brought their colony worlds back online as the rest of the Clans also climbed up out of the wreckage. Each one would tell a similar tale, until the evidence was overwhelming that the Clans had been betrayed by one of their own. Finally, the ilKhan led the Steel Viper armada to Tamaron and the battle that loomed ahead.[54][55]

The ensuing naval battle was the largest fought in the Clan Homeworlds since the time of Operation Klondike, encompassing the destruction of the bulk of both the Coyote and Steel Viper naval assets. Nearly six Galaxies of Steel Viper forces were brought to bear, and all of the Viper's remaining naval assets were present. The fearsome Perigard Zalman destroyed several WarShips before falling in battle with the Coyote's ancient Texas class Battleship, Ancestral Home. The Coyotes were left with few operational naval assets after the conflict, though the Steel Vipers would not fare much better. During the following weeks after the landing of Viper forces, the Coyotes lost Epsilon, Delta, Lambda and Rho Galaxies, culminating in a final Trial of Possession between the Khans of Steel Viper and Coyote after ilKhan Andrews called out their leadership personally, in order to end the conflict without having to fight a costly urban brawl. Only the Viper Khans would survive this encounter, and few records exist regarding the course of events, but Coyote Clan legend tells of saKhan Clearwater offering her life as surkairede, and being granted the right to kill the "False Khan" McKibben before her own life was taken by the Bloody ilKhan on the 16th of December, 3074. With their death, the Coyote was subdued.[55][56]

The Cleansing[edit]

After the dust had settled, not quite two full Galaxies of Coyotes survived, in the forms of Nu Galaxy and Zeta Galaxy. All survivors of the Clan were ordered to gather at Ute City on the western shores of Tamaron's Dustland continent. Ordered to await the ilKhan's forthcoming decision regarding their fate when the Grand Council reconvened in February of 3075, the Coyotes hastily elected Leo Koga as their new Khan. A veteran warrior who was a contemporary and ally of former Khan Sullivan Koga,[57] Leo Koga set about doing everything he could to rebuild his broken Clan with the assistance of newly elected saKhan, naval officer Laura McTighe.[55][58]

With an understanding that many Coyote warriors openly resisted the corruption and treachery of their kin, the Grand Council was inclined to allow the loyal Coyotes to live. But the survivors would still have to pay a price and prove their loyalty to the Clan way. First, their entire scientist caste was to be Annihilated, with most of the Annihilation being carried out by the warriors themselves, though some scientific enclaves were bombarded into dust. The Coyotes were also ordered to undergo many Trials of Cleansing, where Coyote warriors who openly acted against the traitors were recognized as clean, and warriors who sided with the Society influenced leadership were Annihilated. Those whose roles were unclear would have to face a cleansed warrior in a trial of the cleansed warrior's choosing, with victory being the deciding factor. Losses would not reflect on the cleansed warrior, though a demotion of status would apply. Clan Coyote Galaxy Commander Noemi McKibben was chosen to fight the Trial of Refusal, but the ruling would stand, costing the Coyotes approximately 55% of their remaining forces.[55][59]

However painful this process was to the Coyotes, all paled to what would happen next when the Grand Council met again in July. After announcing that the Reavings should continue until all Inner Sphere taint was eliminated from the Clans, ilKhan Andrews was surprised by what the next speaker would have to say. Khan Stanislov N'Buta of Clan Star Adder spoke with great eloquence regarding the Reavings. He noted that all Clans that were involved with the Inner Sphere or otherwise weak in some way were either Abjured or Absorbed. All except for one: Clan Steel Viper. Claiming that the Vipers were the only thing between the Clans and their renewed purity, Khan N'Buta called for a Reaving against Clan Steel Viper. The ilKhan bid himself to Refuse the Reaving call. Upon N'Buta's acceptance and offer to fight unaugmented, ilKhan Andrews shot the Star Adder Khan with a laser pistol, directly violating Clan law and the sanctity of the Grand Council. This action precipitated a call for Steel Viper's Annihilation which was promptly voted for and passed. The ilKhan was stripped of station and power. When Andrews attempted to demand a Trial of Refusal, Star Adder saKhan Hannibal Banacek beat the former ilKhan to death on the council floor. The Steel Vipers fell back to defend their existence, but the Coyotes would charge forth, ready for the chance to regain some of their lost honor after the Trial was opened to all Clans. Though their role would be limited in the campaign to destroy the Steel Vipers (as would that of most Clans), they would take part in the assault on Circe, working with Clan Stone Lion to help eliminate the last of the Inner Sphere taint in the Clan Homeworlds.[60][61][62]

Post-Reaving Era[edit]

After the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, the Coyotes would do their best to settle into life amongst the Clans. Seeking to escape the stigma associated with Tamaron, the Coyotes would move their capital to Babylon, while most of their activities in the Kerensky Cluster were now based on Kirin. Having eliminated over 95% of their scientist caste through Annihilation, the Coyotes were forced to Trial against the other Clans in order to gather enough researchers and scientists to run their Clan's technical programs, let alone attempt to make progress once more. Khan Koga would also reactivate several Bloodlines that were Reaved after the Blood Scandal of the 30th century, strengthening their gene pool in anticipation of the reactivation of the Clans' eugenics program after a five year hiatus in order to inspect each line for tampering by the Society. The Coyotes would also take responsibility for destroying any Society bases or enclaves uncovered in the years after the war, destroying them as quickly as they were found in most cases.[58]

Shunned for the most part by their sister Clans for the role that they played in the Society insurrection, Clan Coyote has had a tough road to travel after the Wars of Reaving. They are not without diplomatic ties, however. Khan Koga would recognize the Stone Lions as a kindred spirit of sorts, another Clan looking in from the outside. The two Clans would often trade and Trial against one another for various necessities and resources during the post-Reaving era.[58]

This relationship would bear fruit in 3082, when a Stone Lion scouting vessel located the Clan Blood Spirit's hidden system, Colleen. The Lion's Khan, Magnus DelVillar would soon let the Coyotes know what his Clan had found and where. By 3083, both Clans took forces to the system to fight for land. On the planet Honor, the Coyotes would claim several enclaves, but would also face stiff resistance - and not only from Blood Spirit warriors, but from their lower castes, which had been armed by their new Khan, Bryce Schmitt. The mob of armed civilians cornered the Coyotes in a section of the Spirit's former capital, Glasgow. With nowhere to turn, Khan Koga declared every armed citizen to be dezgra, ordering his forces to attack. Over 7,000 armed civilians were killed in the attack. After contacting the Stone Lion's Loremaster, Jackie Ravenwater, and finding out that the Lions faced similar circumstances, though not nearly as pronounced as in the Coyote's case, they would agree that the Blood Spirits were no longer deserving of respect in any capacity. Khan Koga called a Grand Council session specifically to address issues revolving around the Blood Spirits. Initially calling for the Blood Spirit's Abjuration, Clan Star Adder would demand a Trial of Annihilation after hearing about the incident on Honor. While the Grand Council would not support that, they would support a middle-ground resolution of Absorption. Clan Star Adder would bid for and win the rights to Absorption, as the Coyotes and Stone Lions each gathered their forces and departed the Colleen system, out of respect for the Trial that the Star Adders had bid for and won, and also due to their lack of forces to complete the task.[58][63]

The Coyotes were the last to reactivate all of their Bloodnames after the Wars of Reaving. Their lack of Scientists extended the validation process until 3089. During that same time, they stockpiled large numbers of OmniMechs and battle armor. The Coyote Merchant caste used these resources to bargain for resources needed by the Kirin shipyards. The Coyotes saw the need for transportation for all the Homeworld Clans early and added more JumpShip and DropShip facilities to the Kirin yards. After the Wars of Reaving, they became the largest producer of transport assets in the Kerensky Cluster.[64]

Warriors from the Coyote touman raided Navarre in 3088. Though intended to be a raid, the Escorpión Imperio's defenders were able to take control of half the Coyote DropShips. This forced the Coyotes to stay on world for two weeks, running through the wilds until they could reclaim their DropShips.[64] The one unexpected benefit was the insertion of several Coyote Watch officers on Navarre. These officers began a whisper campaign that some Umayyids were actually descended from the Not-Named Clan. These rumors eventually reached the ears of the Imperio's War Leaders and led to a series of unauthorized genetic investigations. On at least two Imperio worlds, these investigations led to mass violence and civil unrest that led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians. This chaos was the ultimate goal of the Coyote Watch agents, who sought to weaken the Imperio.[65]


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