Holden Mining Corporation

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Holden Mining Corporation was a mining company in the Draconis Combine during the Star League era.[1].

Company Profile[edit]

Former Home Office: -unknown city-, Albiero

Status: Out of Business[2].


In 2735, Holden Mining Corporation dispatched settlers to Albiero to mine the vast wealth of iron and copper on planet. The success of the operations there convinced Holden to move their company headquarters to Albiero a few years later. The company's tunneling machines created a huge network of catacombs, caves, and tunnels under the planets surface as they searched out every ounce of valuable ore. The company's success encouraged other businesses to to strike out to Albiero and other nearby worlds which brought fortune to many.

That all changed with the fall of the Star League in 2781. The resulting wars between the Successor States led to a decline in available resources and technology. Holden's machinery fell into disrepair and began to rot for lack of parts and people who knew how to fix the equipment. Holden went bankrupt not long after. They are no longer in business.[3]


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