Hombres Stables

Hombres Stables
Colors/Badge Brown and Red; a red bull's head with silver horns
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran (3067)
Rating D (3054)
C (3055)
B (3067)
C (3086)
Faction Affiliation Free Worlds League
Units Used
BattleMechs 8 (3055)
10 (3067)
8 (3086)


The unit has risen since its founding in 3055 to prominence. Per internal policy Cino Vincenti styled his MechWarriors after the ancient Terran "cowboys", and the ten-gallons hats the stable members don for press conferences have made them a distinct and instantly recognizable group.[1]


Formed in 3055 the stables has grown through a series of wins in the reaches. Just after 6 months, the stable saw its ranking upgraded from D to C. Vincenti scored a publicity coup soon after when himself and several MechWarriors got into a barroom brawl with Dick Benson and a handful of the Vampires sparking a feud between the two stables. A match was scheduled with the Vampires and their home Arena in which the Hombres defeated their rival stable. A rematch was asked but no answer was given. In the meantime, and riding on their new found fame, a tag-team match in The Scrapyard against Wraiths Stables has already been scheduled.[1]

The Hombres Stables suffered heavy losses during the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris in the early stages of the Jihad, after members of the Renegades joined a major resistance cell made of the Pentastars Gang and Renegades Cooperative out in Nowhere, the Blakists ultimately eliminating the cell.[2]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Cino Vincenti, born on Sierra is the founding owner of the stable. He was a fight promoter and a master showman, and with good publicity has made the Hombres a fan favorite.[1][3]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Constance Raba is the lead instructor of the Hombres Stable. A Free Worlds League officer, a company commander with the Andurien-based First Free Worlds Legionnaires. She served with distinction, notably in border-world campaigns against mercenaries from the Magistracy of Canopus. Despite her impressive talents as commander she was demoted in rank twice for insubordination and rotated to non-combat duty. Frustrated with the military mentality, Raba left the Legionnaires and took up with the Hombres.[1]


In 3055 9 MechWarriors fight for Hombres Stables.[1]

In 3067 11 MechWarriors fight for Hombres Stables.[3]

Known MechWarriors[edit]


An infantry team (several squads) were fighting for the Stable as per 3135.[5]


The Stable likes to fight in The Scrapyard, where they have a lot of fans, and occasionally on the King of the Mountain and on Hartford Gardens.[1]


All Hombres Stables MechWarriors are dressed as Cino Vincenti view of ancient Terran cowboys. Spectators can see them wearing in all press conferences a tengallon hat.[1]


The Stable keeps its stablehouse and a small practice field ten kilometers north of North Pier.[1]


In 3055 the standard contract is for 850 C-Bills and a 20% of the earnings.[1]

In 3067 the standard contract is for 1.100 C-Bills and a 18% of the earnings.[3]

Game Notes[edit]

Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to D Rated Equipment.

The Hombres gain a +1 Initiative bonus when fighting in the Hartford Gardens, King of the Mountain, The Scrapyard, The Pool or The Mud Pit arenas.

For all physical and weapons attacks carried out a 3 hexes' distance or less, the Hombres gain a -1 to-hit bonus, reflecting their affinity for close-range fighting.[6]


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