Hombres Stables

Hombres Stables
Colors/Badge Brown and Red
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating B
Faction Affiliation Free Worlds League
Units Used
BattleMechs 11 (3067)


The unit has risen since its founding in 3055 to prominence. Per internal policy Cino Vincenti styled his MechWarriors after the ancient Terran "cowboys", and the ten-gallons hats the stable members don for press press conferences have made them a distinct and instantly recognizable group.[1] Ten kilometers north of North Pier, the Hombres maintain their stablehouse and a small practice field. The Hombres favor combat in the nearby Scrapyard, where they have a large fanbase, they also fight at King of the Mountain and the Hartford Gardens occasionally.


Formed in 3055 the stables has grown through a series of wins in the reaches. Just after 6 months, the stable saw its ranking upgraded from D to C. Vincenti scored a publicity coup soon after when himself and several MechWarriors got into a barroom brawl with [Dick Benson]] and a handful of the Vampires sparking a feud between the two stables. A match was scheduled with the Vampires and their home Arena in which the Hombres defeated their rival stable.[1]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Cino Vincenti is the founding owner of the stable. He was a master showman, and with good publicity has made the Hombres a fan favorite.[1]

Notable Personnel[edit]


  • Constance Raba is the lead instructor of the Hombres Stable. A Free Worlds League officer, a company commander with the Andurien-based First Free Worlds Legionnaires. She served with distinction, notably in border-world campaigns against mercenaries from the Magistracy of Canopus. Despite her impressive talents as commander she was demoted in rank twice for insubordination and rotated to non-combat duty. Frustrated with the military mentality, Raba left the Legionnaires and took up with the Hombres.[1]


Tactics and Style[edit]

None defined.


As of 3086, the Stable has C rating and owns 8 'Mechs and has 9 MechWarriors. The standard contract is for 850 C-Bills and a 20% of the earnings.[1]

Game Notes[edit]

Game Rules[edit]



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