Home is the Regiment

Home is the Regiment is a popular song, especially among mercenary units. While the origins have been lost to the ages, the song is well-known and beloved by many who serve in uniform.

The lyric to the song is:

Home is the Regiment, across the sea of stars

On worlds hot, on worlds cold,
where Warriors tread afar.
Though place of birth and family,
though loved ones all be lost,
Home is the Regiment, across the sea of stars

Home is the Regiment, though warriors travel far.
They cannot take our home from us,
our home is where we are!
With brothers under arms we share
a bond that draws us where
Home is the Regiment, across the sea of stars.

Home is the Regiment, the price of glory high.
We stand with brothers at our sides
to pay that price, and die!
The blood of comrades cries to us
long after glory's past:
"Home is the Regiment, across the sea of stars."

Home is the Regiment, in honor's proud refrain -
blood brothers forged together as
drawn steel quenched in flame!
They stand by us in blood and fire
and share with us the cry:

"Home is the Regiment, our family and our own!"

The song was used almost as a leitmotif in the book Price of Glory was presumably written by the book's author, William H. Keith, Jr..