Production information
Manufacturer Kintetsu Stellar Systems
Production Year 2480
Use Tug Boat
Cargo Ship
Passenger Ship
Type Civilian Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 800 tons
Structural Integrity 25
Length 51 meters
Width 36 meters
Height 12 meters
Drive System Fusion
Safe Thrust 5
Max Thrust 8
Fuel (tons) 20
Fuel (days) 1.84
Armament 1x Large Laser
3x Small Lasers
Armor Nose: 122
Sides: 92
Aft: 82
Crew Total: 6
  • 1 Officer
  • 4 Enlisted
  • 1 Gunner
Passengers 9 (In Steerage)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 1/0
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
Heat Sinks 8
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 1,216[1]


The Hoshiryokou is a small civilian DropShip, which was first produced in the early years of the Draconis Combine. Originally, the ship was designed as an inter-system cargo and passenger vessel; however, the Hoshiryokou aged badly. The design was redesigned by the near-bankrupt Kintetsu Stellar Systems to assume the role of a Space Tug. The ship succeeded, becoming a popular utility vessel in and around space complexes and merchant fleets in the Draconis Combine.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Originally designed as a cargo vessel, it had one of its cargo bays outfitted to mount ten interchanging cargo containers, which can be swapped out for other cargo or utilitarian passenger carriages. The ship's fusion engines can push the vessel up to maximum thrust of 8 should its mission require it to move quickly. For its primary mission as a space tug boat, the ship has a Naval Tug Adapter which allows it to dock with any vessel and move it safely.

The ships is protected by 18 tons of standard armor, giving it protection should the ship come under attack by pirates. The ship is only armed with a single large laser in the nose, with three small lasers acting as point defenses in the nose and aft quarters of the ship.[3]


  • Bay 1 - Cargo Containers, 10-ton capacity (10) - 1 Door
  • Bay 2 - Cargo (85 tons) - 1 Door


As of this writing, the Hosiryokou has no entry in the Master Unit List.


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