House Allard


House Allard (Later Allard-Liao) are a highly influential noble house originating on Kestrel[1] with links to both House Liao and House Steiner. The House stood to become the ruling family of the St. Ives Compact, but their accession never came to pass due to the Compact being forcibly reintegrated into the Capellan Confederation in 3063.

Known members of House Allard[edit]

The house has produced many famous and influential members including Quintus Allard, Justin Allard, Kai Allard-Liao and Melissa Allard-Liao. The family also owns what is arguably the most famous 'Mech in existence, the Yen-Lo-Wang.


  1. Warrior: Riposte, p. 235, Justin Allard discovers he was given a dish that had the crest of Kestrel on it during the Steiner-Davion wedding reception.