House Benton

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House Benton
Titles Duchy of Epsilon Eridani

House Benton ruled Epsilon Eridani in the late thirty-first century and early thirty-second century.


At the beginning of Operation Guerrero, several pro-Liao rebels caused damage and insurrection on Epsilon Eridani. Despite these pro-Liao forces lacking any real support from the Capellan Confederation, the confusion they caused was devastating to Epsilon Eridani. In the chaos that resulted from several well-planned bombings as well as the dissolution of the Commonwealth, the planetary government was left with a crisis they couldn't solve. General Pierre Benton ordered his troops to find the pro-Liao forces, and three weeks of heavy combat destroyed the guerrillas. The local government saw this as an illegal act and demanded Benton step down. He refused, and the Epsilon Eridani Sarna March Militia then seized the capital city and arrested the governing council. Shortly after Benton was elected leader of Epsilon Eridani, he renamed the SMM unit the Eridani Guards.[1]

By 3130 a member of the Benton family is the Republic of the Sphere planetary Governor[2].

Known members of the family[edit]

Family Heirlooms and Holdings[edit]


It is unclear if Pierre Benton was nobility before his election to the planetary rulership, the Chaos March (sourcebook) gives him the title of Duke.


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