House Tetsuhara

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House Tetsuhara

House Tetsuhara is a proud samurai family who have a history of service as officers in the armed forces of the Draconis Combine.


The family's heritage is rooted in Africa on Terra and it was once known as Hayes, but changed its name when Jackson Hayes entered into the service of Coordinator Miyogi Kurita in the 2800s. Jackson Tetsuhara then settled on the world of Awano and made a great effort to live by the code of bushido.[1][2][3].

Known members of the Family[edit]

Family Heirlooms[edit]

Tetsuhara family Katana[edit]

The head of the Tetsuhara clan inherits a Katana once gifted by Coordinator Miyogi Kurita to Jackson Hayes in 2865 for his faithful service. This legendary weapon, its 69cm blade still flawless even after the passing of almost three centuries, was also carried into battle by Minobu Tetsuhara, revered as having been one of the greatest samurai of his generation.[1]


The family is in possession of the PNT-9R Panther Katana Kat, an heirloom 'Mech once piloted by Minobu Tetsuhara. During her campaign as leader of the Dragon's Fury, she loans the Panther to Brotherhood MechWarrior Abeda Measho.[4][5]

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