Humphreys School of Warfare

Humphreys School of Warfare
Academy Information
Location Kanata
Founding Year Star League Era
Course Information
BattleMech ca. 2765+
Armor ca. 2765+

The Humphreys School of Warfare was a provincial school within the Free Worlds League established during the Star League era.


The Humphreys School of Warfare (HSW) was established on Kanata in 2762 or late 2761. The founding of the HSW was one of the steps taken by the Dormuth Council to deal with the high recruitment numbers seen in colleges, academies and militia training centers across the Free Worlds League, and the HSW was one of three major new schools founded within a relatively short period of time - the other two being the Athene Combat School on Atreus and the Calloway Martial College on Calloway VI.[1]

The HSW recruited the majority of its cadets from within the Duchy of Andurien, although a small number were residents of various independent worlds located near the Duchy's borders; the agitated nature of the Duchy made the HSW a particular focus for the Star League Intelligence Command as it attempted to identify any likely troublemakers.[1]


Specialising in training armor crews and MechWarriors, instruction at the HSW took at least four years.[1]


The Humphreys School of Warfare was presumably destroyed or disbanded during the Succession Wars.


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