Hunter's Den (Individual DropShip)

Hunter's Den
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Hunter's Den was a DropShip of unspecified type that served as a hospital vessel in Clan Smoke Jaguar, possible attached to Beta Galaxy as it transported wounded warriors from this formation to Hyner after the Battle of Tukayyid in May 3052. [1]

The facilities on board highly sophisticated, allowing major surgery, myomer implants, carbon filament bone reinforcement and the budding of replacement organs.[2] The bulkheads were painted in designation colors to identify the area of the vessel, for example the intensive care unit was painted a dull green color. Such ships appear to have been common in the Smoke Jaguar Touman as Trent recalls several visits to such vessels. [3]


  • The most famous hospital vessel in the Inner Sphere was the Dove-class DropShip. The Hunter's Den was not such as vessel as the Condor that the Dove is based on was not produced until 2801, and the Dove itself was not produced until after the Fourth Succession War.[4]


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