Hunter's Pride (Individual Congress-class WarShip)

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Hunter's Pride
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Congress


The Congress-class frigate Hunter's Pride was a WarShip active as the CSJ Hunter's Pride in the Clan Smoke Jaguar touman in the 3050s. The Hunter's Pride took enough damage during the raid on Luzerne in 3055 at the hands of forces from the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery that it was forced to withdraw from the battle; much of this damage was credited to the AeroSpace Fighter group attached to the DCS Ashi-oto, an Okinawa-class DropShip, and the DCMS went on to honor the Captain of the Ashi-oto the Bushido Blade for his actions in the battle as well as decorating the majority of the surviving fighter pilots.[1]


  • Clan Smoke Jaguar's Congress-class frigate Hunter's Pride may or may not be the Clan Jade Falcon WarShip of the same name (and unspecified class) that participated in the final battle against Clan Wolverine forces in the Barbados system in 2824. In that battle, it was severely damaged (possibly crippled) which was curiously noted to infuriate the Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar.[2]


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