Hunter or Hunted

Hunter or Hunted
Product information
Type Short story/Serial (6 parts)
Author Randall N. Bills
Pages 40
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 11 September 2007—02 November 2007
Era Civil War era
Timeline 02-11 February 3063

Hunter or Hunted, by Randall N. Bills, is a 6-part serial story published on BattleCorps. It was later also published in print in the fourth BattleCorps anthology, Fire for Effect, in 2013.

Teaser Text[edit]

Even during peacetime combat occurs. Warriors need seasoning, and soldiers need training. When the Nova Cats come to Lyons, both sides are anxious for victory, but only one side may claim it.

Plot summary[edit]

A trinary from the Fourth Nova Cat Regulars, Omicron Provisional Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat), launches a raid against Lyons in February 3063. Both sides fight each other to a bloody standstill, but in this the Nova Cat forces have already achieved their objective, bloodying new warriors. However, Caden, one of the Nova Cat warriors, observes with some concern that the Clan warriors seem to be losing their edge and that they are not as superior to their Inner Sphere counterparts as they used to be.

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