Huron (Individual Overlord-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord
In service until 22 October 2823


The Huron was an Overlord-class DropShip in service to Clan Wolverine as of 2823. It was Khan Sarah McEvedy's command ship on the ground during the evacuation of the city of Great Hope on Strana Mechty when a Trial of Absorption was fought against Clan Wolverine following their declaration of secession.[1]

On 22 October McEvedy oversaw the last four DropShips preparing to leave the city, after Great Hope had been put to the torch to deny its assets to the other Clans in the ongoing conflict. To fan the flames of the conflict, Clan Widowmaker Khan Jason Karrige remotely detonated a nuclear warhead that his agents had smuggled into the city. The nuclear blast destroyed the (already burned down) city and wrecked the DropShips in the outlying DropPort area, including the Huron.[2]

As a result of the perceived nuclear strike on the Clan forces attacking them, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky decreed a Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine and ordered Clan Snow Raven to carry out a retaliatory nuclear strike that would go awry and end up accidentially destroying the Snow Raven captial of Dehra Dun on Circe. In the aftermath of the Wolverine annihilation, historical records were forged on a large scale in a largely successful attempt to erase the nuclear attack on Great Hope from history, and to blame the nuclear devastation of Dehra Dun on Clan Wolverine.

Wolverine Khan Sarah McEvedy was widely thought to have died aboard the Huron when it was caught in the blast. However, she was recovered from the wreckage alive although severely injured and irradiated, and was subsequently kept a prisoner in the brig on Nicholas Kerensky's flagship Rough Rider in secret, subjecting her to chemical interrogation as he led a Clan Grand Fleet to hunt down the fleeing Wolverines.[3]


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