IR Scanner

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The IR Scanner is a small binocular-like device used to detect and identify the approximate infrared radiation output of objects at ranges of up to five kilometers.[1] It provides the same infrared detection capabilities of a Rangefinder Binocular though with none of the other features. At ranges of two kilometers or further, the scanner is only sufficient to pick up the heat output of BattleMechs or other similar-sized objects. Man-sized objects can be discerned at distances of several hundred meters, while something as small as a rodent can be detected at ten to twenty meters. While it can detect the approximate heat output of a target the scanner cannot identify surface features.[1]



Item:IR Scanner[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/A-C-B/A
Cost: 100
Affiliation: None
Mass: 400g
Power use: 0.1 Power Points per hour


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