IIC ("two-C", in the sense of "second generation, and of Clan origin") is an Inner Sphere designation[1] for items built with superior Clan technology that evolved out of certain classic designs or items from which they derive their names. Originally coined for certain BattleMech designs,[1] IIC was later also used for superior (Clan-level) technology rebuilds of aerospace fighters, vehicles, and other equipment that evolved out of an earlier namesake, and is now used for a broad range of advanced items.

The IIC designation originated with the Inner Sphere,[1] and is not a Clan term, even though it describes their technology as opposed to Inner Sphere technology. As such, the Clans themselves did not use the IIC description initially, referring to IIC units and items by their traditional Star League-era name (without the "IIC" appendix) instead.[2] Later on, around the Jihad era past the year 3067, the Clans seem to use it as well[3] to differentiate IIC designs from their classic ancestors which are sometimes still in use in the Inner Sphere.

Among the BattleTech fan base, "IIC" is also (often jokingly) used very broadly for the concepts of superiority or improvement; it is unclear if the designation is in similarly casual use within the BattleTech universe.

Although superior to Inner Sphere technology, IIC 'Mechs and fighters do not make use of Omni technology and were thus already considered obsolete by the Clans by the time of the Clan Invasion. With the notable exception of the Hunchback IIC,[4][5] IIC BattleMechs are largely absent from frontline formations, but were used in second-line and garrison units.[1]

Many IIC designs have altered the parent design's mass and some actually bear little resemblance to the earlier design or item of the same name.

No IIC Spaceships[edit]

Spaceships of all kinds seem to be a notable exception from the IIC naming scheme:

There is no IIC WarShip class, despite many vessels in the Clan fleets having undergone some form of upgrade or refit. Evolutions that were based off older designs were given new names.

The Clans do operate upgraded versions of common JumpShip types with (it is implied) improved on-board electronics and other advanced technologies such as HarJel hull sealant safety systems, but the overall differences seem to be minor and they are not named differently.

There are no IIC DropShips either. Despite effectively being IIC-style redesigns, the Union-C and Overlord-C are named thus, even by the Clans themselves, while the IIC-style evolution of the Leopard was named the Broadsword class.

Similarly, upgraded Clan version of various types Small Craft simply append "C" to their designation either directly, or separated by a space or a dash, i.e. K-1C, KR-61 C, Mark VII-C.[6] It should be noted though that Clan upgrades to Small Craft designs are typically minor, usually limited to an upgrade of their weapons suite to more advanced versions of the same weapons, and/or armor changes. In this fashion, they are actually much closer to "C" variants (see below) than IIC redesigns.

Difference betwen "IIC" and "C" designs[edit]

IIC BattleMechs, which are essentially new 'Mech models designed to make use of Clan technology, should not be confused with "C" BattleMechs:

Somewhat similar to the IIC concept, "C"-type BattleMechs are standard 'Mech designs that have been built or upgraded with advanced Clan equipment and components, but are essentially only a variant of their parent design built with better components and not an altogether new design (as opposed to a IIC 'Mech that has been redesigned from the ground up). Frequently, the change is limited to exchanging weapon systems for advanced Clan counterparts, without changing the chassis or other components such as the fusion engine or heat sinks. They are typically built by the Clans at captured Inner Sphere factories to achieve the best possible production result without having to retool the factory for an entirely different 'Mech model.

Known IIC designs[edit]

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Aerospace fighters[edit]




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