III Legio

III Legio.jpg
III Legio Limitanai
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Sentinels of the Reaches
Parent Formation Marian Legions

The III Legio Limitanei, or Third Legion, was raised by Sean O'Reilly from a few mercenaries and conscripts.


Early supply problems and a lack of confidence from their High Command instilled a sense of defeatism and futility in the Third Legion. Though assigned to assist II Legio with their garrison duties of the Lothian District in 3059, it wasn't until Julius O'Reilly took command of the Second Legion that the Third's attitude started to change. They assisted II Legio with their conquest of the Illyrian Palatinate. Despite these successes, the Third Legion was assigned to garrison worlds in the Lothian District and new Illyrian District. Both areas featured a population hostile to the legions, and resistance movements inflicted casualties. This affected the morale of the Third Legion, and Caesar Julius O'Reilly reassigned them to garrison Ballalaba[1], a rimward system in the Marian District. This allowed the unit to recover and rebuild, but didn't improve their morale much.[2]

The Third Legion was called on to launch the invasion of the Circinus Federation in 3066. Striking Maximillian, they had a wildly successful initial assault but were pinned in place by mercenary units. Later in the assault the Third suffered relatively heavy damage when a unit loyal to the Federation impersonated the IV Legio and attacked the Third.[3] The unit was transferred to Ballalaba and was garrisoning that system in 3067.[4]

In 3079 the Third Legion was recalled to the core of the Marian Hegemony to garrison Alphard and Pompey. The Third was enraged at the death of Caesar Julius, and eagerly awaited a chance to strike at the Word of Blake. Julius' successor Cassius steered new warriors into the unit in order to rebuild it. The Caesar also hoped to transfer the Third Legion's loyalty from his deceased father to himself.[5]

Post-Jihad Era[edit]

After the end of the Jihad III Legio staged a steady stream of raids in force against the Magistracy of Canopus and clashed repeatedly with the Magistracy Cavaliers who were based on the border worlds of Thraxa and Vixen.[6] The Third Legion was the garrison of Islington and Baccalieu at this time.[7]

Dark Age[edit]

III Legio was assigned to garrison three worlds taken from the shattered Free Worlds League in 3101. They were also authorized to raid other Free Worlds planets as long as their garrison worlds were protected. The Third Legion has raided into the League ever since, often returning with DropShips full of goods taken from the League and possessing valuable information about the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.[8] The Legion still garrisoned Landfall, Huntington, and Hazeldean in 3145.[9]


As of 3064 the commanding officer was Prefect Nigel Reed.[2]

As of 3067 to 3085 the commanding officer was Prefect Talawar Marius[4][7]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Prefect Mohammed Kilgore.[9]


Most of the time, the III Legio fights in a disorganized manner.[2]

Composition History[edit]


III Legio (Regular/Reliable) [10]

Prima Cohors (1 Cohort/Regular/Questionable)[2]
- A disorganized force of 'Mechs, Tanks and Infantry
Secunda Cohors (1 Cohort/Green/Reliable)[2]
  • CO: Legatus Shubhashree Venkatesh
Tertia Cohors (1 Cohort/Regular/Reliable)[2]
  • CO: Legatus Darin McGuire
III Auxilia Limitanei (1 Legion/Regular/Questionable)[2]
  • CO: Prefect Edward Nugent


III Legio (Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Prefect Talawar Marius
Prima Cohors (1 Cohort/Veteran/Reliable)[4]
  • CO: Legatus James McWilliams
Secunda Cohors (1 Cohort/Regular/Reliable)[4]
  • CO: Legatus Jamie Constantieau
Tertia Cohors (1 Cohort/Regular/Reliable)[4]
  • CO: Legatus L. Patrick Quintus
Quarta Cohors (1 Cohort/Green/Questionable)[4]
  • CO: Legatus Severine Xavier
III Auxilia Legio (1 Legion/Regular/Questionable)[4]
  • CO: Prefect Edward Nugent


III Legio (Regular/Reliable)[7]
  • CO: Prefect Talawar Marius
Prima Cohors (Regular/Reliable)[7]
  • CO: Prefect Edward Nugent
Secunda Cohors (Regular/Fanatical)[7]
  • CO: Legatus Gerhart Jordan
Tertia Cohors (Regular/Questionable)[7]
  • CO: Prefect Buster Zingel
Quarta Cohors (Regular/Questionable)[7]
  • CO: Prefect Carolus McDermott
III Auxilia Legio (Veteran/Reliable)[7]
  • CO: Prefect Russel Kruse


III Legio (Regular/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Mohammed Kilgore
Prima Cohors (Regular/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Joaquin Myrick
Secunda Cohors (Veteran/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Douglas Hooks
Tertia Cohors (Regular/Questionable)[9]
  • CO: Legatus Jamaal Steen
Quarta Cohors (Regular/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Legatus Lavern Workman
Quinta Cohors (Veteran/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Keith Carbello
III Prima Auxila Legio (Regular/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Emil Carnes
III Secunda Auxila Legio (Green/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Prefect Young Armijo
III Caelum Wing (Veteran/Reliable)[9]
  • CO: Legatus Colton Hiram Mayer




  • For the first three rounds of combat III Legio automatically loses the Initiative.[11]
  • Units from III Legio have a +1 penalty applied to all medium-range and long-range to-hit numbers.[11]


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