Ian Fraser

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Ian Fraser
Affiliation Northwind Highlanders


Ian Fraser was a MechWarrior Captain serving with the 2nd Kearny Highlanders. He was placed in command of the Capellan raiding mission dispatched to Mira in April 3028, and was awarded the brevet rank of Major. He went into the operation harboring misgivings about the capability of his provisional "fourth" battalion, which included a number of mercenary pilots like Fritz Voelker and problem MechWarriors "donated" by other Highlander officers.

Fraser piloted a Vindicator for the duration of the Mira operation.[1]

On approach to their target, the Highlanders came under fire from Davion artillery and a force of hover tanks. Fraser ordered Captain Voelker to hold off the hover tank attack, but lost Colin Campbell, the commander of his first company, to an artillery strike.[2]

When his reconnaissance officer, Cassandra Sinclair, reported that the Davion presence on Mira was far stronger than anything he had been led to expect by the Maskirovka, Fraser knew he had to evacuate his command before it was destroyed. He organized a fighting withdrawal through the heavy jungle back to a landing site for the Highlanders' DropShip, losing many pilots and their machines in the process.

Returning to Capellan space, Ian Fraser was made the scapegoat for the failed mission. Rather than listen to the survivors' accounts of what they had found, Capellan High Command chose to court-martial Major Fraser on grounds of incompetence. One senior officer even suggested that Fraser had been hallucinating throughout the action on Mira.

Cashiered and Dispossessed, Ian Fraser subsequently found himself out of work on Chesterton. He wrote a first-hand account of the botched Mira operation, which he candidly admitted was a defense against the allegations leveled at him.


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