Ian McQuiston (Individual Fox-class WarShip)

Ian McQuiston
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox


Manufactured in the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards in the Alarion system, the Ian McQuiston was scheduled to be the sixth Fox-class corvette to enter service with the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces and was due to enter service as the LAS Ian McQuiston in 3067.[1] The FedCom Civil War delayed the completion and launch of the Ian McQuiston; at the end of the Civil War, only four operational Foxes were in service with the Lyran Alliance, the LAS Katrina Steiner, LAS Melissa Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa and LAS Robert Marsden. Like her sister ship the LAS Katherine Steiner, the Ian McQuiston was scheduled for completion in 3068 when the Jihad erupted.[2]

In 3070 a small Lyran Alliance relief force attempted to break the Blakist blockade of Donegal; led by the Ian McQuiston, the relief force was forced to withdraw by the Vincent-class corvette WoBS Blake's Redemption.[3] In January 3072 the Ian McQuiston was a part of the task force assembled by General and Archon Adam Steiner to liberate Tharkad, which had been under a Blakist occupation since the first shot of the Jihad had been made by the Tharkad-class battleship Invincible firing on the planet in October 3067. The Invincible was still in the Tharkad system, a part of the blockade of the planet maintained by the Blakists, when the task force arrived; Adam Steiner's plan called for the Ian McQuiston to escort the assault force to Tharkad while the Invincible was engaged by the two Mjolnir-class battlecruisers LCS Fylgia and LCS Yggdrasil.[4]

with the battlecruisers drawing the Blakists attention, two hundred marines were delivered onto the Invincible via more than twenty assault shuttles that had concealed themselves amongst the clouds of fighters surrounding the Mjolnirs. The marines fought a savage deck-by-deck battle that saw more than three-quarters of them killed, but which left them in command of the Invincible, returning her to the Lyran navy for the first time in centuries.[4]

With the blackade breached, the Ian McQuiston escorted the bulk of the assault force to Tharkad, only to encounter a wave of Blakist Pocket WarShips. The Ian McQuiston was able to easily defeat the individual Leopard, Mule and Union-class Pocket WarShips, but was destroyed by a swarm of nuclear missiles. Adam Steiner had remained on his Overlord-class DropShip during the assault, in accordance with ancient practises drawn up for assaults, and survived the destruction of the Ian McQuiston'.[4]


Field Manual: Updates lists the LAS Katherine Steiner as being in service with the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces in 3067, and the LAS Katrina Steiner as still being under construction. This contradicts Field Manual: Lyran Alliance and the FedCom Civil War sourcebook which list the Katrina Steiner as the first Fox to be manufactured at the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards and as having fought during the Civil War. For this article, it has been assumed that Field Manual: Updates is in error.


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