Ikolor Fredasa

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[edit] Overview

General Ikolor Fredasa was the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force from 2707 to 2729. Fredasa had been David Peterson's aide when the Admiral died in a DropShip accident, and was appointed to take his place by First Lord Jonathan Cameron.[1]

General Fredasa was the most socially active of all the commanders of the SLDF, earning a reputation as something of a fop. He also became known as "The Father of the Military Renaissance," though in truth he only continued the process of introducing new technology that was already in place. Despite this, he was also one of the first to start questioning the First Lord's ability to rule, especially with the start of the Second Hidden War. When the First Lord refused to intervene out of paranoia, General Fredasa and a group of concerned government officials approached his sister, Jocasta Cameron, to take over as First Lord. When she refused, General Fredasa began spreading the rumor that she was planning a coup.[1][2]

First Lord Jonathan became enraged when he heard this rumor, knowing that his sister would never do something like this, and arrested the conspirators. General Fredasa, along with Bureau of Star League Affairs Gregory Wallace and Revenue Director Brice Hinchcliffe IV, was tried and executed for treason in 2729. He would be replaced by General Rebecca Fetladral.[1][2]

[edit] References

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Preceded by
David Peterson
Commander-in-Chief of the Star League Defense Force

Succeeded by
Rebecca Fetladral