Ilsa Hyung

Ilsa Hyung
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Feng Huang

The CCS Ilsa Hyung was a Feng Huang-class cruiser in service to the Capellan Confederation.


Thirty days after being launched in mid-3067, the Ilsa Hyung suffered a catastrophic explosion in its engineering compartment, severely damaging both the transit and KF drive, with Capellan officials claiming it was due to a Free Capella terrorist attack. Effectively crippled, the ship was forced to return to its shipyards for extensive repairs. [1] [2] It was over the course of these repairs that the Ilsa Hyung was modified from its original design.

In October of 3068, the ship took part in the liberation of Randar, where it supported the Holdfast Guard in destroying a majority of the Davion 20th Avalon Hussars.[3] The Ilsa Hyung also took part in the Capellan defense of Sian in September 3070.[4][5]

The Ilsa Hyung was one of the first two WarShips of her class to receive the 3070 upgrade package for the Feng Huang-class cruiser.[6] She was then directly involved in the third attempt to recapture Pleione from the Word of Blake Protectorate, a battle which was launched on the 30th of May the same year.[7][8][9] Despite the orbital bombardment, the fall of Pleione's capital and the public execution of the pro-Blakist leadership on the planet at the hands of Capellan troops, the fighting continued until the 10th of June.[7][8] As a part of their May/June attack, the CCAF deployed a substantial ground force, which, according to the Capellan media consisted of Warrior House Hiritsu, the Harloc Raiders and Roman's Mounted Fusiliers.[10]

As of 3145, the Capellan Navy continued to operate the cruiser but was keeping it in Capellan space and out of the line of fire of Operation CELESTIAL REWARD.[11]


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