Immortal Warrior

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"Immortal Warrior" was a hugely popular 31st and 32nd Century Holovid fictional action series created in the Lyran Commonwealth and watched all across the Inner Sphere.

About Immortal Warrior[edit]

Originally created by writer/director Mike Haufenpfah, the opening plot line of the series followed an elite soldier who left the military to settle down on a new world that no one realized was about to explode into warfare, drawing him back into battle once more.[1] The series was infamous for its extreme amounts of adult themes, profanity and graphic violence, hence its widespread appeal to the peoples of the Inner Sphere.

The Immortal Warrior was noted for his penchant for creating huge explosions, carrying an arsenal of guns and explosives on his person at all times, and seemingly having infinite ammunition for his personal weaponry, as the Immortal Warrior was never seen to reload. Movie posters for the series were also noted to have on average fifteen separate explosions per individual one-sheet.[2]

The title character was portrayed by actor Ricardo Hunt for seventeen seasons. [3]

In the early FedCom Civil War era, one of the Immortal Warrior holovid's featured a character based upon Ace Darwin of the Ace Darwin's WhipIts mercenary unit, his holovid counterpart similarly accompanied by an eclectic collection of elite warriors who helped the Immortal Warrior to save the day at the holovid's dramatic climax. The similarities between this character and Ace were so great that Darwin actually became somewhat famous, almost a mascot among certain entertainment circles for a brief time.[4]

As with any popular show, Immortal Warrior inspired a great torrent of accompanying merchandise. As of 3067 one of the latest was Immortal Warrior: Shattered Sword III, a virtual action/adventure holovid game for Nashan Electronics’ SpectraQuad-64 Game Sphere entertainment system.[5] Likewise, product placement on Immortal Warrior is highly coveted for the increased sales it can bring, such as the spike in popularity experienced by Valiant Systems's Valiant Regal sportster following its use in Immortal Warriors XXVII thru to XXXII. [6]

The popularity of the series would persist into Early Republic Era with the production of Immortal Warrior: Vengeance and successor holovid films in the same mold such as Burning Sky. Despite the increasing peace of the period and the series' simplistic plots, Immortal Warrior and similar films continued to draw sizable audiences in-part for providing adoring action and 'Mech fans the means of living vicariously through them. [1] The continued ratings powerhouse represent by Immortal Warrior: Vengeance across the Inner Sphere was such that the announcement of a strategic partnership between the Donegal Broadcasting Corporation and the Republic Broadcasting Service in 3132 to become the largest media organization in the Inner Sphere caused considerable fear among other broadcasters that price increases for the broadcast rights of the series would result.[7]

Reaction to Immortal Warrior[edit]

An unnamed Battle Armor wearing soldier of the Solaris VII Home Defense League at the beginning of the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris VII, was a huge fan of "Immortal Warrior". He said of the show, "We're not talking about the Immortal Warrior here - it may be art, but my God, doesn't that man ever have to reload?"[8]

The Clans have reportedly derided Immortal Warrior as a prime example of "Lyran aggression".[citation needed]


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