Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


In 2765 the SLS Infanta was serving as the flagship of the SLDF Ninth Fleet under the command of Admiral Francisca Nieminen. The SLS Infanta and the Ninth Fleet deployed into the Magistracy of Canopus during the Periphery Uprising, and Admiral Nieminen, who was nearing eighty years of age by the closing stages of the Periphery campaign, was looking forward to retiring.[1]

Admiral Nieminen's replacement, Vice Admiral Dmitrios Rummolo, was in transit with his ship through the Terran Hegemony en route to the Ninth Fleet when Stefan Amaris launched his coup. With Vice Admiral Rummolo cut off inside the Hegemony, Nieminen stayed in command of the SLS Infanta and the Ninth Fleet, and would continue to command both throughout the Hegemony Campaign until the Infanta was destroyed above Terra in 2779.[1]


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