Infrared Imager Camera


An Infrared Imager Camera is a very popular and widely used piece of satellite imaging equipment. It relies on heat to locate its target, allowing for using during nighttime or low-visibility conditions.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

The Infrared Imager provides its bonuses only if the local weather over the target battlefield is clear, foggy, overcast, cloudy, rainy, snowy or vacuum. This imager then provides a +1 initiative modifier for the friendly receiving unit’s force as long as the connection is maintained. Furthermore, if the Infrared Imager is accessed during the Weapon Attack Phase of the first turn of game play (or prior to the start of play), it also forces the controlling player of any hostile units to roll 2D6 for each hidden unit on the battlefield, revealing the unit on any result of 8+ unless the unit shutdown without an overheat level, or is actively using a Null Signature, Void Signature, or Stealth Armor System. Infrared Imagers also will not detect units located under more than 3 depths of water, within an ultra-heavy jungle hex, within a building of CF 70 or greater, or underground.[1]


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