Invasion corridor - Clan Wolf

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[edit] Commands and Worlds

Golden Keshik => The Rock (3049), Dell (3050), Bessarabia (3051), Tamar (3051)
Clan Wolf Naval Reserve (SUPPORT) (The Wolf Chariots) => Biota (3051), Volders (3051)
13th Wolf Guards Cluster => Altenmarkt (3052), Bessarabia (3051), Gunzburg (3051), Satalice (3052), Suk II (3052), Tamar (3051)
328th Assault Cluster => Ferris (3049), New Caledonia (3049), Verthandi (3049), Ridderkerk (3050), Svarstaad (3050), Bessarabia (3051), Lothan (3051), Suk II (3052), Tamar (3051)
4th Wolf Guards Cluster => Icar (3049), Kirchbach (3050), Rasalhague (3050), Dell(3050), Bessarabia (3051), Satalice (3052), Suk II (3052), Tamar (3051)
279th Battle Cluster => Chateau (3049), New Bergen (3049), Rasalhague (3050), Vulcan (3050, Bessarabia (3051), Suk II (3052), Tamar (3051)
Silver Keshik => Blackstone(3049), Planting (3050), Kandis (3050), Kobe (3051), Sevren (3051), Thun (3051)
341st Assault Cluster => Paulus Prime (3049), St. John (3049), Harvest (3050), Planting (3050), Engadin(3050), Diosd (3052), Kobe (3051), Sevren (3051), Thun (3051)
352nd Assault Cluster => Cyrenaica (3049), Rasalhague (3050), Kandis (3050), Domain (3052), Hyperion (3052), Kobe (3051), Sevren (3051), Thun (3051)
3rd Battle Cluster => Lovinac (3049), Planting (3050), Kobe (3051), Rastaban (3052), Sevren (3051), Thun (3051)
Bronze Keshik => Butte Hold (3049), Placidia (3049), Basiliano (3050), Maestu (3051), Skandia (3052)
7th Battle Cluster => Crellacor (3049), Balsta (3049), Skallevoll (3049), Vantaa (3050), Basiliano (3050), Maestu (3051), Skandia (3052), Weingarten (3051)
16th Battle Cluster => The Edge (3049), Rodigo (3050), Feltre (3050), Mozirje (30509, Ferleiten (3050), Maestu (3051), Skandia (3052)
11th Battle Cluster => Rodigo (3050), Liezen (3050), 11th Wolf Guards (3050), Maestu (3051), Nox (3052), Skandia (3052)
Red Keshik => Drask's Den (3049), Gustrell (3049), Radstadt (3050), Carse (3051), Shaula (3051)
11th Wolf Guards Cluster => Oberon VI (3049), Svelvik (3049), Leoben (3049), Kufstein (3050), Radstadt (3050), Stanzach (3050), Carse (3051), Shaula (3051)
37th Striker Cluster => Sigurd (3049), Alleghe (3049), Radstadt (3050), Unzmarkt (3050), Carse (3051), Memmingen (3051), Shaula (3051)
4th Striker Cluster => Outpost (3049), Dawn (3050), Moritz (3050), Skokie (3050), Galuzzo (3052), Shaula (3051), Thannhausen (3051)
Green Keshik => New Oslo (3050), Hainfeld (3051), Laurent (3051
Nega Garrison Cluster => Hainfeld (3051), Laurent (3051
Choyer Garrison Cluster => Cusset (3051), Karston (3051)
Gurbeng Garrison Cluster => Cusset (3051), Wheel (3051)
Dorbeng Garrison Cluster => Bruben (3050), Hermagor (3050), New Oslo (3050), Hainfeld (3051), Laurent (3051

[edit] Forces Structure

[edit] Preparations

When the Grand Council began debating how to execute Operation Revival, it was eventually decided that four Clans would directly take part in the invasion with a fifth held in reserve. While there was much debate and Trials held to determine who among the Clans would participate it was agreed that Clan Wolf, guardians of the Kerensky Bloodname and thus the living soul of the Clans, was guaranteed one of those positions. With the resolution of the combat trials the other three spots in the invasion went to strong Crusader Clans - Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Ghost Bear - with the moderate Warden Clan Steel Viper earning the reserve spot.[1]

A basic plan of attack was hammered out in the Grand Council, assigning each of the four invading Clans a "corridor" to operate in. While the other three Clans underwent the bidding process to determine who would operate in which corridor, the ilKhan made a surprising proclamation by assigning Clan Wolf to the corridor mostly covering the Free Rasalhague Republic and only barely crossing the border of the Federated Commonwealth. This shamed Clan Wolf by denying them the chance to invade the more-powerful Commonwealth or Draconis Combine on their own and straddled them with what was considered a weak opponent, unlikely to offer much potential for winning glory. To add insult to injury the ilKhan further announced that he would operate his headquarters aboard the Clan Wolf flagship Dire Wolf, implying that the Wolves with their suspect loyalties needed supervision (earlier ilKhan Showers had transmitted the recall order to Wolf's Dragoons, a Clan Wolf reconnaissance unit which had gone rogue, to suggest the same betrayal on Clan Wolf's part; only Natasha Kerensky as the last remaining Trueborn in Wolf's Dragoons answered the order).[1]

Once the matter of the invasion corridors was settled the command staffs of the four invading Clans agreed to divide the invasion into 15 waves, each two months in duration, with two weeks for rest and refit between each waves. The final goal of the invasion would be Terra, the most revered of all Inner Sphere worlds. Based on the words of the Great Founder Nicholas Kerensky the first Clan to claim would become ilClan and rule over a reborn Star League.[1][2]

The initial plan for the Wolf invasion corridor was considered unremarkable, a result of the Clan's indecisive feelings on the invasion. Despite their status as a Warden Clan and the feelings of Khan Ulric Kerensky that the invasion was wrong, there was a strong contingent of Crusaders led by saKhan Garth Radick who not only felt otherwise but wished to prove on the battlefield their right to participate in the invasion. An accord was eventually be reached between the two sides: the best way to get back at the ilKhan and the other Clans for putting them in this position was to beat them at their own game and for Clan Wolf to reach Terra first.[2]

A few minor issues were cleared up before the invasion force left Clan space in June 3049. Worlds on the borders of the invasion corridors could be contested by either Clan through the normal bidding process and the Inner Sphere forces would be granted the opportunity to fight with honor by issuing batchall prior to each engagement.[2]

[edit] Invasion Route

[edit] Periphery Action (August—September 3049)

En route to the Inner Sphere the Clan invasion forces first came upon the desolate worlds of the Periphery. Thanks to petitioning of the various Khans the ilKhan agreed to declare the Periphery open to bidding by all of the Clans, allowing each the chance to conquer worlds regardless of the assigned corridors. Thus the Ghost Bear Clan was able to bid to invade the Elysian Fields, a trio of worlds which lay within the Wolf Clan corridor. The Wolves did not oppose their bid and the local governments of those worlds gave up without a fight, although in the end the promise of undiscovered Star League technology proved all for naught and the Ghost Bears did not bother to even leave behind garrison forces.[3]

Elsewhere Clan Wolf warrior encountered "errants", solitary mercenaries operating in the Periphery with dilapidated BattleMechs and Aerospace Fighters. They proved no match for Clan warriors and only reinforced the belief that the Clan invasion was destined for success. As Clan forces came closer to the Inner Sphere they encountered slightly more opposition, although nothing larger than a regiment and in little better fighting condition, as well as ComStar. By quickly seizing the HPG facilities and preventing all ships from leaving conquered systems the Wolves and other Clans were successful in preventing word of their approach from reaching the Inner Sphere.[2]

The most significant opposition faced by Clan Wolf came from the Oberon Confederation, a pirate kingdom ruled by Hendrik Grimm III. By analyzing their battles with the Oberon forces Clan Wolf gleaned vital information on how the Inner Sphere fought, in particular after their action against the Kell Hounds' Third Battalion on The Rock; it was during this battle that Phelan Kell was taken as isorla by Clan Wolf, although the significance of this would not be known until much later. Clan Wolf was sufficiently impressed by the skill of the Kell Hounds to realize their misconceptions about how easy the coming invasion was and willingly shared their data from these battles with the other Clans so that they could study the Inner Sphere fighting style themselves. Unfortunately for the most part the other Clans were unimpressed and noted only the Sphereoids' lack of honor in their fights with Clan Wolf.[2][4][5]

With the last Periphery world taken the Clans halted to consolidate their position, set up supply depots on specific worlds and debrief their warriors. ComStar, which had received messages from their ROM agents in the Periphery about the invasion, decided it was best to treat with these new arrivals and began dispatching diplomatic feelers to the Clans. In January 3050 Anastasius Focht was appointed ambassador to the Clans and worked out an arrangement whereby ComStar would left alone in exchange for suppressing news related to the Clan invasion, assist in administrating occupied worlds and on occasion pass on military intelligence to the Clans.[5][6]

Periphery Action
Date Location Attacker Defender Outcome
August 3049 Blackstone (OC) The Silver Keshik
(Beta Galaxy)
Blackstone Guards Clan Wolf Victory
August 3049 Drask's Den (OC) The Red Keshik
(Delta Galaxy)
Drask's Guards Clan Wolf Victory
August 3049 Placidia (OC) The Bronze Keshik
(Gamma Galaxy)
Placidia Guards Clan Wolf Victory
August 3049 Ferris (OC) 328th Assault Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
Ferris Guards Clan Wolf Victory
August 3049 The Rock (OC) The Golden Keshik
(Alpha Galaxy)
1st Battalion Ryan's Rebels
3rd Battalion 1st Kell Hounds
Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Butte Hold (GV) The Bronze Keshik
(Gamma Galaxy)
None Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Crellacor (OC) 7th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
3rd Oberon Guards
Crellacor Guards
Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Gustrell (OC) The Red Keshik
(Delta Galaxy)
Gustrell Guards Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Oberon VI (OC) 11th Wolf Guards
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Oberon Guards
Oberon Militia
Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Paulus Prime (OC) 341st Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
Paulus Guards Clan Wolf Victory
September 3049 Sigurd (OC) 37th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
Sigurd Guards Clan Wolf Victory

[edit] First Wave (March—April 3050)

The invasion of the Inner Sphere proper commenced in March 3050, with Clan Wolf invading six worlds of the Republic and two of the Commonwealth. In the face of their superior technology and fighting skills most of the resistance on these planets was ill-prepared and ineffective; those who weren't killed or taken as isorla were forced to retreat off-world. Once resistance was swiftly crushed second-line units were left as garrison forces while the front-line troops moved on.[7]

The easiest battles came on the worlds of the Republic, where the primary defenders were mercenaries. Both the public and the government of the Republic hated the fact that they had to rely on mercenaries for their defense and so provided them will little support or cooperation; most of the defenders simply collapsed at the first sight of Clan Wolf. The forces of the Commonwealth benefited from superior training, morale and experience after fighting in the previous Fourth Succession War and War of 3039, although these factors only allowed them to survive slightly longer against the Wolves.[7]

The first wave went exactly as predicted, and thus required no official reaction from the Wolf leadership. Among individual warriors there was a sense of awe, being the first Clan warriors in centuries to set foot again in the Inner Sphere. Many sat in quite contemplation of the beauty surrounding them where scant hours before they had viciously hunted down the last remaining defenders of a world.[7]

Wolf operations during Wave 1

Wave One
Date Location Attacker Defender Outcome
March 3050 Alleghe (FRR) 37th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
Skinner's Scimitars
2nd Alleghe Trank Regiment
5th Alleghe Tank Regiment
1st Alleghe Infantry Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 Chateau (FC) 279th Battle Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
10th Donegal Guards RCT
1st Chateau Mechanized Militia
2nd Chateau Mechanized Militia
Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 The Edge (FRR) 16th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
Black Outlaws
1st Mechanized Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 Icar (FC) 4th Wolf Guards
(Alpha Galaxy)
3rd Regiment 12th Star Guards
3rd Icar Armored Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 New Caledonia (FRR) 328th Assault Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
2nd Drakøns
1st Militia Tank Regiment
4th Militia Tank Regiment
8th Militia Infantry Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 Outpost (FRR) 4th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
Outpost People's Militia Clan Wolf Victory
March 3050 Skallevoll (FRR) 7th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
The Glory Warriors
1st Skallevoll People's Armored Regiment
1st Skallevoll People's Mechanized Regiment
3rd Skallevoll People's Mechanized Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
April 3050 Balsta (FRR) 7th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
1st Mechanized Militia Division
2nd Mechanized Militia Divisions
Clan Wolf Victory
April 3050 St. John (FRR) 341st Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st St. John Free Brigade
2nd St. John Free Brigade
4th St. John Free Brigade
6th St. John Free Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
April 3050 Svelvik (FRR) 11th Wolf Guards
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Svelvik Mechanized Militia
2nd Svelvik Mechanized Militia
3rd Svelvik Mechanized Militia
Clan Wolf Victory

[edit] Second Wave (May 3050)

The second wave of the invasion began just a week after the end of the first, all against worlds of the Rasalhague Republic. The Wolves' victories during this wave were helped in no small part by the ineffectual response of the Republic. At first the governments of the Inner Sphere were too stunned to react, receiving little information about what was going on thanks to ComStar and unwilling to believe what news did reach them. While the other realms were able to overcome their initial shock the Republic was hampered by a sever disagreement between Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson and Överbefälhavare Christian Månsdottir, Commander-in-Chief of the KungsArmé.[8]

Where the Prince wanted all forces to stand their ground and fight, Månsdottir believed they needed to fall back to Rasalhague and defend the capital. Their impasse caused them to turn to the legislature, which wasted weeks debating the issue before Magnusson agreed to his opponent's strategy but vetoed the idea of calling on the other realms for assistance, believing it would show a sign of weakness. Thus while the defenders of those worlds attacked during the second wave did the best they could, they received no support from the government due to this paralysis and fell all the swifter because of it.[8]

Wolf operation in Wave 2

Wave Two
Date Location Attacker Defender Outcome
May 3050 Csesztreg (FRR) 352nd Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st Csesztreg Militia Mechanized Infantry Regiment
2nd Csesztreg Militia Mechanized Infantry Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
May 3050 Leoben (FRR) 11th Wolf Guards
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Leoben Provisional Militia Regiment
8th Leoben Provisional Militia Regiment
11th Leoben Provisional Militia Regiment
14th Leoben Provisional Militia Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
May 3050 Lovinac (FRR) 3rd Battle Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st Lovinac Royal Citizens Armored Militia
4th Lovinac Royal Citizens Armored Militia
5th Lovinac Royal Citizens Armored Militia
Clan Wolf Victory
May 3050 New Bergen (FRR) 279th Battle Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
New Bergen Armored Brigade
New Bergen Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Wolf Clan Victory
May 3050 Rodigo (FRR) 11th Battle Cluster
reinforced by 16th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
Black Outlaws/Skinner's Scimitars
1st New Starburg Mechanized Cavalry Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
May 3050 Verthandi (FRR) 328th Assault Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
2nd Battalion 2nd Kell Hounds
3rd Battalion 2nd Drakøns
4th Verthandi Armored Infantry Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory

[edit] Third Wave (June—July 3050)

When Khan Ulric Kerensky released his plan for the third wave in late May, it caught the notice of the other Clans and represented a distinct shift in Clan Wolf strategy. With this plan Clan Wolf would not only take the lead by attacking eleven worlds instead of just six but had it's sights clearly set on the capital world of Rasalhauge. The other Khans reacted with some skepticism to this plan, believing the accelerated timetable would fail and leave Clan Wolf disorganized and demoralized with shame. While an entertaining thought, they also feared this result would give the Inner Sphere an opportunity to seize back the initiative and so advised without success that the Wolf Khans pull back. In the end although he had the right to change or cancel it ilKhan Leo Showers allowed their plan to stand.[9]

While the warriors of Clan Wolf were excited at the prospect of new combat opportunities, the merchants were far more worried about the increased timetable's effect on the movement of supplies. However Khan Ulric Kerensky had already accounted for their logistical concerns in his plan and resolved in a most daring if creative manner. Clan Wolf JumpShips carrying tons of supplies would travel deep into enemy territory, moving through uninhabited systems to avoid detection, then deposit their cargo hidden among asteroids, set into orbit of or placed on the surface of barren worlds. With forward supply depots set up inside enemy territory the supply lines were drastically shortened and Wolf units would be able to conduct operations at a much faster pace.[9]

The plan had enormous risks associated with it since there was a chance of these depots being discovered and the Inner Sphere acquiring advanced Clan technology. It also spoke to the strong inter-caste bond found within Clan Wolf and the ability of Khan Ulric Kerensky to persuade his merchants to undertake such a dangerous assignment. Kerensky's concern for logistical matters also contrasted with the other Khans, who paid little heed to such things and often believed they needed no more than one or two ammunition reloads to take a planet. Their folly already caused them to wait longer for their merchant ships to bring supplies up from the rear and would come back to haunt them in the future.[9]

The third wave began on 5 June with the mass launch of the Wolf supply ships and proceeded according to schedule, getting closer to Rasalhague with each passing day. This greatly perturbed the Ghost Bear Khans, who had already lost face by being forced to call in the Steel Vipers to garrison their worlds and could only watch as one of their traditional enemies race ahead with mounting success. Even more so it had been agreed previously that, since Rasalhague was on the border between their corridors, the two Clans would bid for the right to invade the planet during the fifth wave. Faced with only one possible choice and at the supposed goading from ilKhan Leo Showers, the Ghost Bears agreed to challenge the Wolves' right to invade Rasalhague.[9][10]

After much delay, one which had been approved by the ilKhan and forced the Wolves to keep a full Galaxy in reserve in case they won, the bidding took place on 7 July aboard the Dire Wolf. In what was regarded as a textbook example of the bidding process the two Clans fiercely bid against each other for the right to invade Rasalhague. When the bid fell below the cut-down of five Clusters plus support the assembled observers were surprised as the process continued: it was clear Clan Wolf wanted to win regardless of the outcome, and Clan Ghost Bear was now willing to push the bid as low as possible before conceding. In the end Clan Wolf won but at seemingly great cost: they would attempt to conquer the Republic's capital with no more than three Clusters, an impossible proposition to those assembled. Luckily the Wolves had Phelan Kell to advise them on their invasion, and the successful Battle of Rasalhague would demonstrate the skill and cunning of Clan Wolf.[10][11]

Wolf operation throughout Wave 3

Wave Three
Date Location Attacker Defender Outcome
June 3050 Bruben (FRR) Dorbeng Cluster
(Epsilon Galaxy)
1st Bruben Dragoons
1st Bruben Civil Militia
3rd Bruben Civil Militia
Clan Wolf Victory
June 3050 Hermagor (FRR) Dorbeng Cluster
(Epsilon Galaxy)
Hermagor People's Militia Clan Wolf Victory
June 3050 Kirchbach (FRR) 4th Wolf Guards
(Alpha Galaxy)
3rd Kavalleri
1st Kirchbach Armored Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
June 3050 Liezen (FRR) 11th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
1st Liezen Armored Brigade
2nd Fighter Wing
Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Feltre (FRR) 16th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
Feltre Freeman Division Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Harvest (FRR) 341st Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st Royal Harvest Division
2nd Royal Harvest Division
Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Mozirje (FRR) 16th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
Mozirje Red Division Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Planting (FC) 341st Assault Cluster
The Silver Keshik
reinforced by 3rd Battle Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
41st Avalon Hussars RCT Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Rasalhague (FRR) 4th Wolf Guards
279th Battle Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
352 Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st Drakøns
2nd Drakøns
1st Freemen
3rd Freemen
Attendant regiments
Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Ridderkerk (FC) 328th Assault Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
1st Lyran Regulars RCT Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Vantaa (FC) 7th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
10th Donegal Guards RCT (surviving 2/3rds)
Alpha & Bravo Battalions, 3rd Regiment, 12th Star Guards
Clan Wolf Victory

[edit] Fourth Wave (July—October 3050)

With the success of the Rasalhague invasion and the end of their accelerated third wave, the other invading Clans expected Clan Wolf to undergo the normal rest-and-refit period as had been agreed upon during preliminary planning. Much to their chagrin the Wolves instead announced the start of their fourth wave in mid-July with the targeting of sixteen worlds. The Wolf Clan's plan to be the first to reach to reach Terra was now plain for the other Khans to see.[11]

Since the Wolves were not technically disobeying any orders or violating any traditions ilKhan Showers could not outright stop their advance, but he did attempt to slow them down by denying the use of Provisional Garrison Clusters, second-line occupation forces, on the basis that they had not been included in any of the original bids. Khans Kerensky and Radick protested the ilKhan's hypocrisy, citing that he already had approved the use of PGCs by his own Smoke Jaguars, and the Jade Falcon Khans argued that, short of calling in more Clans, authorizing the use of PGCs was perhaps the only way for them to catch up with Clan Wolf. Reluctantly the ilKhan was forced to agree and approved the usage of PGCs in late August.[11]

The fourth wave came to a successful conclusion in October following the fall of Radstadt, with Clan Wolf in control of nearly twice as many worlds as the Jade Falcons or Smoke Jaguars. Only the Ghost Bears had come anywhere close to matching the number of worlds the Wolves controlled but they were hampered by heavy guerrilla resistance in their Occupation Zone, the populace roused by the Crusaders' prejudices to fight their new overlords. The Wolves' success was attributable to Khan Kerensky's order to increase the flow of supplies from the homeworlds and the institution of the Logistics Augmentation Program. Under LAP those items which didn't require the advanced technology of the Clans to produce, including foodstuffs and clothing, were procured from local sources and their owners compensated with redeemable vouchers. This freed up valuable space transport to carry only the most necessary and advanced technical items from the Clan worlds; while the other Khans saw the value in this program, most were too disgusted at the idea of using "corrupted" Inner Sphere material to institute it themselves at the time.[12][13]

The speed and success of Clan Wolf's advanced forced the ilKhan's hand and in an attempt to slow them down ordered a convening of the Grand Council aboard the Dire Wolf on 1 November, where he would attempt to censure or even remove Kerensky from his position. The Wolf Khan agreed to the meeting with the request that it take place in the newly-conquered Radstadt system and that the other Khans arrive is smaller ships so as to not attract any attention. Everything was in place when on 31 October fate intervened.[13]

The Dire Wolf was in the Radstadt system when suddenly a small flotilla of Rasalhague ships jumped in and launched fighters at the WarShip. This was not a deliberate ambush however but an act of desperation: among the ships was the Norseman transporting Elected Prince Magnusson, who had taken flight following the fall of Rasalhague and sought the supposed safety of the Radstadt system. The entire AeroWing of the 1st Drakøns was scrambled for a suicidal attack in order to buy the Elected Prince's ship enough time to recharge it's Lithium-Fusion Batteries and escape. Taken by surprise the Clan's response to the attack was disorganized but slowly began to gain the advantage over the Flying Drakøns until finally the Norseman made the jump. Their task complete and deaths assured the surviving Flying Drakøns made one final attack on the Dire Wolf. Kapten Tyra Miraborg, her Shiloh severely damaged, delivered the critical blow by flying straight into the Dire Wolf's bridge where ilKhan Showers, Khan Kerensky and the senior officers were watching the battle. While Showers and many of the officers were killed by the kamikaze attack, Kerensky was saved thanks to the efforts of Phelan Kell.[13][14]

Wolf operation in wave 4

Wave Four
Date Location Attacker Defender Outcome
July 3050 Dawn (FRR) 4th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Dawn Planetary Guard Regiment
4th Dawn Planetary Guard Regiment
6th Dawn Planetary Guard Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 New Oslo (FRR) Green Keshik
Dornbeng Garrison Cluster
(Epsilon Galaxy)
1st New Oslo Armored Division
GKT Volunteer Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
July 3050 Unzmarkt (FRR) 37th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
Unzmarkt Free Rebel Armored Division Clan Wolf Victory
August 3050 Basiliano (FRR) The Bronze Keshik
7th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
3rd Kavalleri
1st Basiliano Mechanized Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
August 3050 Ferleiten (FRR) 16th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
None Clan Wolf Victory
August 3050 Hohenems (FRR) 11th Wolf Guards
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Hohenems Militia Brigade
2nd Hohenems Militia Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
August 3050 Kufstein (FRR) 11th Wolf Guards
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Kufstein Planetary Guard Brigade
4th Kufstein Planetary Guard Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
August-September 3050 Engadin (FRR) 341st Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
1st Engadin Home Defense Brigade
3rd Engadin Home Defense Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
September 3050 Dell (FC) Golden Keshik
4th Wolf Guards
(Alpha Galaxy)
24th Arcturan Guards RCT Clan Wolf Victory
September 3050 Kandis (FRR) Silver Keshik
352nd Assault Cluster
(Beta Galaxy)
3rd Freemen
1st Kandis Mechanized Brigade
2nd Kandis Mechanized Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
September 3050 Svarstaad (FC) 328th Assault Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
Svarstaad Planetary Militia Clan Wolf Victory
September 3050 Vulcan (FC) 279th Battle Cluster
(Alpha Galaxy)
1st Vulcan Armored Brigade
2nd Vulcan Armored Brigade
Clan Wolf Victory
October 3050 Moritz (FRR) 4th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
Moritz Defense Brigade Clan Wolf Victory
October 3050 Radstadt (FRR) The Red Keshik
11th Wolf Guards
37th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
4th Drakøns
1st Radstadt Militia Division
2nd Radstadt Militia Division
3rd Radstadt Militia Division
Clan Wolf Victory
October 3050 Skokie (FRR) 4th Striker Cluster
(Delta Galaxy)
1st Skokie Militia Tank Regiment
2nd Skokie Militia Tank Regiment
Clan Wolf Victory
October 3050 Stanzach (FRR) 11th Battle Cluster
(Gamma Galaxy)
1st Stanzach Armored Division Clan Wolf Victory

[edit] Election of a New IlKhan

The death of Leo Showers literally brought the invasion of the Inner Sphere to a halt. When the Grand Council met the day after the attack, it was to discuss what was their next step. Many Khans wished to launch a retaliatory attack to punish the Inner Sphere for the ilKhan's death, although they came to realize that the one person truly responsible was already dead. It was then that the Steel Viper Khan Perigard Zalman who pointed out the obvious truth: a new ilKhan would have to be elected, if only to maintain what little cooperation between the invading Clans there was, but this would require a consultation with all of the Bloodnamed warriors. The invasion force would have to return to Clan space and conduct a vote on Strana Mechty. Despite some objection the decision was made and on 1 December the invading Clans' Bloodnamed met on Paulus Prime to begin their long journey while the warriors without Bloodnames remained. The garrison forces were supported by Com Guard units while ComStar did what it could to cover up their departure.[15]

During the journey back to Strana Mechty the Crusader Khans conspired to get back at Clan Wolf and specifically Khan Kerensky. Upon their return to Clan space a memorial was held for Leo Showers and two days later on 28 February 3051 the Grand Council met to resolve their issues over the next three and a half months. The first part of the Crusaders' conspiracy, led by Khan Lincoln Osis of the Smoke Jaguars, manifested when they accused Khan Kerensky of being responsible in the death of Leo Showers. Khan Osis made the mistake however of allowing Phelan Kell to testify during the trial, whereupon the freeborn's testimony utterly destroyed the Crusaders' case. Their first attempt at Kerensky foiled, they launched the second and more surprising part of their conspiracy: electing him as the new ilKhan. Kerensky's nomination was quickly seconded and approved by the Grand Council.[16][17]

As the ilKhan Kerensky was now honor-bound to prosecute the invasion to the fullest of his abilities so long as the Crusaders controlled the council, and his position as senior Khan of Clan Wolf was now open for another Crusader-minded warrior, such a Conal Ward or Mikel Furey, to join saKhan Radick. Rather than play their game however ilKhan Kerensky turned the situation around to his advantage. First he made the surprise nomination of Natasha Kerensky as his replacement and his decision was confirmed when Natasha passed her Trial of Position in spectacular fashion. Second he activated Clan Nova Cat and Clan Diamond Shark to join the invasion, then respectively paired the Nova Cats and Steel Vipers with the Smoke Jaguars and Jade Falcons while the Diamond Sharks remained in reserve. Ostensibly this was to assist those two Clans in catching up with Clan Wolf's but it also meant they would have to give up some of their worlds to the newcomers.[17][18]

For the next few months preparations were made to return to the Inner Sphere, with ilKhan Kerensky urging the other Clans to pay more heed to logistical matters and adopt the Wolves' LAP program, which itself was expanded to include the requisition of commercial liners to move troops and supplies. For the most part the traditional taboo of an ilKhan meddling in internal affairs and fierce competition between the Clans meant much of his advice was ignored. By late July the Clans were ready and with much less fanfare began their journey back to the Inner Sphere, finally arriving in October.[18]

[edit] Fifth Wave (November 3051—April 3052)

Wolf operations in Wave 5

On 7 November Clan Wolf resumed their attack by targeting the most heavily-defended Commonwealth worlds of Tamar, Sevren and Laurent, to test the strength of their foe after a year of peace and hopefully demoralize them with early major defeats. The Wolves debuted a few new strategies of their own in the firth wave, the first of which was an end to competitive bidding: if more troops meant a quicker defeat of the enemy then more troops were used. Second was the introduction of Headerhunter units whose mission was to infiltrate the enemy's rear and decapitate their command structure, resulting in the collapse of entire formations.[19]

The new-found cooperation between the Inner Sphere realms had given them the tools and training necessary to better counter the Clans, but it was still sheer numbers which provided the only real advantage they had, and on many worlds that was still not enough. Clan Wolf continued their conquest at a breakneck pace, swallowing up worlds of the Federated Commonwealth and what remained of the Rasalhague Republic. Their invasion of Satalice brought particularly grim news to the Elected Prince when his son, Prince Ragnar Magnusson, was captured by Khan Natasha Kerensky's Wolf Spiders. In addition Clan Wolf had previously captured his long-time rival Månsdottir and was apparently discussing the former general's role as civilian leader for the Wolf Occupation Zone. As January 3052 dawned it appeared nothing could stop Clan Wolf from reaching Terra.[19]

That month ComStar Primus Myndo Waterly and Focht met with the ilKhan on Satalice and learned from him the true goal of the Clan invasion. Horrified that the Clans sought to conquer the heart of their empire, the two returned to Terra and began to formulate a plan on how to stop them. It was determined that a Trial would be held on a neutral site where the Clans and Com Guard would fight a single epic battle to determine the ownership of Terra. By mid-February the planet Tukayyid was chosen and diplomatic feelers sent to the ilKhan and the other Clans, and in April Focht met personally with Ulric Kerensky and hammered out the terms of the Trial. If the Clans won they would get Terra, while if ComStar won the Clans would agree to a fifteen-year truce. Bargained well and done the climactic end to the invasion was set.[20]

[edit] Altenmarkt (FRR) February 3052

Attacker: 13th Wolf Guards (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st Altenmarkt 'Mech Regiment, 1st Altenmarkt Brigade
Outcome: The conventional forces were an easy prey for the Wolf Spiders. The Mechforces made the fight for the Wolf troops harder. Defending troops used their superior knowledge of the terrain to get an advantage over the invaders. After a few days the defenders' CO was killed, which demoralized the FRR unit significantly. [21]

[edit] Bessarabia (FC) December 3051

Attacker: Golden Keshik (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: 5th Davion Guards RCT (survivors retreated to La Grave where they later fought Clan Jade Falcon)
Outcome: The invaders' commander used his troops wisely. The 5th Davion Guards defended two equally important places simultaneously. The Wolves landed between the defenders. Their Khan split his forces and attacked the defense positions simultaneously. The officers were desperately trying to hold the advancing Clan forces. Ultimately, the pressure was too much. When the FedCom troops tried to help their soldiers with reinforcements, the already weakened defense at the capital collapsed. Survivors of the 5th Guards retreated to La Grave, where they would later fight the Jade Falcons.[22]

[edit] Biota (FC) February 3052

Attacker: Bravo Naval Reserve Star
Defenders: None
Outcome: The world was of little strategic value and an easy gain, because its planetary leader accepted the Wolf Clan as the new ruler.[23]

[edit] Carse (FC) February 3052

Attacker: The Red Keshik, [11th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf)|11th Wolf Guards]] 37th Striker Cluster (Delta Galaxy)
Defenders: 2nd Freemen (survivors would later retreat to Ueda)

The Clan forces landed far away from any important targets. Bad weather conditions would ground the fighters also. The 2nd recognized, through their scouts, the strength of the invaders. Realizing the command was outgunned, the commanding officer decided to retreat off-world after two devastating battles.[24]

[edit] Cusset(FC) November 3051

Attacker: Choyer, Gurbeng Garrison Clusters (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st and 3rd Cusset Militia Divisions (two battalions of old 'Mechs with six regiments of armor and infantry)
Outcome: The invasion was an easy job for both of the garrison clusters, but a local virus was more difficult to fight. [25]

[edit] Diosd (FRR) February 3052

Attacker: 341st Assault Cluster (Beta Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st and 2nd Diosd Brigades (two tank regiments with one infantry regiment assigned to each)
Outcome: The fight for the planet was mostly one-sided. After the beating of the defenders, the local leader demanded the surrender of the militia command. However, the militia did not obey those orders. Most militia members used guerrilla tactics and fought the Wolves from underground. [26]

[edit] Domain (FC) January 3052

Attacker: 352nd Assault Cluster (Beta Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st Knights of St. Cameron, 1st and 2nd Domain Militia Brigades
Outcome: The mercenaries had differing opinions at the beginning of the invasion, but the commanding officer chose to fulfill his contract with the Commonwealth. The Knights make a slow retreat, while under fire, to a mountain range. The advancing cluster surprised them at the flank and the following battle was fierce. The Wolves secured the planet, but no further information about the Knights is available. [27]

[edit] Galuzzo (FRR) February 3052

Attacker: 4th Striker Cluster (Delta Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st and 3rd Galuzzo Mechanized Brigades (one armored regiment supported by two mechanized infantry regiments)
Outcome: The invasion operation began unobstructed until the Clan warriors got near the capital. The defenders lunched attacks at berserker range at the Wolves, regardless of causalities to their own troops. Only a swift raid at the city stopped the assaults.[28]

[edit] Gunzburg (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: 13th Wolf Guards (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: Gunzburg Eagles, 1st Gunzburg Armor Regiment, 1st and 2nd Gunzburg Mechanized Infantry Regiment
Outcome: [29]

[edit] Hainfeld (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: Green Keshik Nega Dorbeng Garrison Clusters (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: 2nd Freemen, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Hainfeld Militia Brigades (two mechanized infantry regiments with one armor regiment for each)
Outcome: [30]

[edit] Hyperion (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: 352nd Assault Cluster (Beta Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st, 2nd, and 4th Hyperion Brigades
Outcome: The commanding Wolf officer used his negotiation skills to great effect. Before the Clan troops had landed, he made an agreement with the local leader to hand over the planet without a fight. [31]

[edit] Karston (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: Choyer Garrison Cluster (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: Karston Militia Regiment
Outcome: The Garrison Cluster believed they had secured the planet through negotiation, but that was only a trap. During the signing ceremony, the hidden militia began their assault. In the beginning the Clan warriors suffered serious loses. They would later turn the fight in their favor. The militia was completely destroyed in the end.[32]

[edit] Kobe (FC) December 3051

Attacker: Beta Galaxy
Defenders: 26th Lyran Guards RCT, 1st and 2nd Kobe Mechanized Brigades (two battalions of 'Mechs)
Outcome: The 26th Guards had fought against the Wolves earlier. In the first major engagement the CO of the Guards was killed by Headhunters. Without no strong leadership the Lyrans retreat, but brought the Wolves to a hold. The following clashes reduced the Guards' fighting strength further. Their new commander withdrew from the planet. [33]

[edit] Laurent (FC) November 3051

Attacker: Green Keshik and Nega Garrison Clusters, Dorbeng Garrison Clusters (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: Laurent TMM (one regiment of medium 'Mechs with three regiments of mechanized infantry)
Outcome: The defending TMM was easily overwhelmed by the furious attacks from the Clan invaders.[34]

[edit] Lothan (FRR) April 3052

Attacker: 328th Assault Cluster (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: 2nd Kavalleri (survivors would later retreat to Ueda), 1st Lothan Brigade
Outcome: The 2nd did whatever they could to defend the planet. However, several mistakes changed the fight. Firstly, the Clan troops had the advantage of better equipment and fighting skills. Second, the defense line collapsed when a star broke through, and later the entire command staff would be annihilated by a head hunter attempt. Without a clear leadership, the 2nd Kavalleri were taken apart in a small glen. Only 15 lances managed to retreat off world. [35]

[edit] Maestu (FC) November 3051

Attacker: Gamma Galaxy
Defenders: 1st Lyran Guards RCT
Outcome: The entire Galaxy made a combat drop, but was contested by the Lyran air wings. The galaxy commander sent 25 Elementals on a Head Hunter mission. They used the confusion of the battle to make their attempt but failed. The next push was a similar attack and this time the Guards could not retreat to the capital. Hauptmann General Jane Craigie retreated with her forces off world.[36]

[edit] Memmingen (FRR) November 3051

Attacker: 37th Striker Cluster (Delta Galaxy)
Defenders: 3rd Drakøns, remnants of the Black Omen, Outlaw mercenary unit (four companies), 1st Memmingen Armored Division (survivors later retreated to Satalice)

The battle for the planet was fought with determination on both sides. The commanding officer of the Wolf forces made several mistakes. The forces landed further away from the Drakøns than was needed. He used a mobile offensive to catch the retreating FRR command, but they escaped. The [37]

[edit] Nox (FRR) February 3052

Attacker: 11th Battle Cluster (Gamma Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st Nox Tank Regiment, 1st and 2nd Nox Infantry Regiments
Outcome: The defenders had no choice but to surrender after suffering serious causalities during two engagements. [38]

[edit] Ramsau (FRR) April 3052

Attacker: Green Keshik, Dorbeng Garrison Cluster (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st Ramsau Irregulars
Outcome: The invading Wolf forces tried to avoid any civilian casualties when possible. The proud locals surrendered to their new ruler after negotiations and without the loss of honor. [39]

[edit] Rastaban (FC) January 3052

Attacker: 3rd Battle Cluster (Beta Galaxy)
Defenders: 2nd Knights of St. Cameron, 1st Rastaban Armored Brigade (one battalion of 'Mechs with two regiments of armor and one regiment of mechanized infantry)
Outcome: The 2nd Knights knew the fate of the other regiment well. The commanding officer chose to fight the Wolf invaders. In two engagements the Knights suffered horrendous loses; 3 companies were surrounded and destroyed, because the units recognized the danger too late. The last engagement took place at the defense of the capital. The 2nd Knights were no more. [40]

[edit] Satalice (FRR) November 3051-January 3052

Attacker: 4th Wolf Guards, 13th Wolf Guards (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: 3rd Drakøns, 1st and 2nd Satalice Armored Divisions
Outcome: The Wolf commands considered the invasion a hunt. Both invasion commanders agreed the unit won with the most trophies from the Drakons. In the beginning the Överste thought the opponent clusters had difficulty in cooperating and tried to use light elements to lure the enemy into ambushes. The experienced Clan fighters struck at the hidden positions successfully. A turning point was the capture of Ragnar Magnusson, heir to the Republic, by the Wolves. Demoralized and beaten, the FRR commands retreated off world. [41]

[edit] Sevren(FC) November 3051

Attacker: Beta Galaxy
Defenders: 25th Arcturan Guards RCT
Outcome: The seasoned commanding officer of the Guards struck at the Wolves during their landing attempt. These actions forced the Wolves to take the offensive. The following campaign was a series of undecided engagements. Soon the situation turned when a cluster discovered a weak spot and break through. The assault in the rear creates confusion, which forced the Arcturans off world after suffering heavy casualties. [42]

[edit] Shaula (FC) December 3051

Attacker: Delta Galaxy
Defenders: Survivors of the 1st Lyran Guards
Outcome: The commanding officer used the time to rebuild her damaged RCT back to combat strength with the incorporation of the militia units. The Guards had met the Wolves before and suffer heavy causalities. The command set up, at every possible place, traps combined with vibrabombs. The light equipment of the invading Wolves favored the invaders, the Lyrans reacted too slowly and the vibrabombs were not effective. Approaching Clan troops ran into a Lyran force, and the supporting Clan fighters were devastating to the defenders with their accurate air strikes. Ultimately, the Guards were forced to retreat off world. [43]

[edit] Skandia (FRR) February 3052

Attacker: The Bronze Keshik, 7th Battle Cluster, 16th Battle Cluster (Gamma Galaxy)
Defenders: 3rd Drakøns, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Skandia Royal Militia Brigades
Outcome: The Drakøns had fought the Clans twice before. The Clan troops bid fiercely for the honor of the planet. The defenders had decided to fight at any means necessary. With the landing of the Wolves, a 2-week-long campaign began and was ended with the destruction of the last Drakøns. [44]

[edit] Suk II (FC) January-February 3052

Attacker: Alpha Galaxy
Defenders: 33rd Avalon Hussars RCT
Outcome: The Avalon Hussars was a serious challenge to the invaders. Natasha Kerensky knew this unit well and let land her troops far away from the defensive positions. The campaign was long and showed very slow progress. Supplies ran low, but the Khan ordered the reconfiguration of her 'Mechs with energy weapons to conserve ammunition. The situation turned when Elementals attacked a line of tanks. With the breakthrough the rear was treated. The situation became so confusing that the 33rd could only withdraw.[45]

[edit] Tamar (FC) November 3051

Attacker: Golden Keshik (Alpha Galaxy)
Defenders: 26th Lyran Guards RCT, Kelswa Guard (two battalions), Tamar War College Training Battalion (five companies)
Outcome: [46]

[edit] Thannhausen (FRR) November 3051

Attacker: 4th Striker Cluster (Delta Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st, 2nd Thannhausen Brigades
Outcome: The defense in the beginning was effective, but the bad weather condition provided the Clan troops with enough cover to strike at the communication center of the defenders. Without the ability to coordinate counterattacks, the CO of the Thannhausen Brigades surrendered.[47]

[edit] Thun (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: Beta Galaxy
Defenders: Survivors of the 26th Lyran Guards RCT
Outcome: What remained of the 26th was better prepared to meet the Clan forces. The advancing Wolf units could not break through the defense line. Frustrated by the standstill, the Khan led his command unit to the enemy position after a low orbital drop. The 26th Guards were forced to retreat back to Lyran space.[48]

[edit] Volders (FRR) November 3051

Attacker: Bravo Naval Reserve Star
Defenders: None
Outcome: The planetary leader was frightened by the arrival of a jumpship fleet with many dropships. The Wolves gained the world without a shot fired. [49]

[edit] Vorarlberg (FRR) November 3051

Attacker: The Red Keshik, 11th Wolf Guards (Delta Galaxy)
Defenders: Vorarlberg Royals (one battalion of 'Mechs, supported by three regiments of armor and infantry)
Outcome: The civilian goverment surrendered after the militia units were beaten twice by the Wolf warriors.[50]

[edit] Weingarten (FRR) November 3051

Attacker: 7th Battle Cluster (Gamma Galaxy)
Defenders: 1st and 4th Weingarten Armored Militia Regiments
Outcome: The invasion for the planet required very little time. A large part of the defenders were captured. At that point the local government surrendered. [51]

[edit] Wheel (FRR) December 3051

Attacker: Gurbeng Garrison Cluster (Epsilon Galaxy)
Defenders: The Free Wheelers (a corporate regiment composed of two companies of light 'Mechs), 1st Wheel Mechanized Militia
Outcome: The Garrison Cluster captured the planet easily, because the defending command was unable to coordinate their attacks well enough.[52]

[edit] Battle of Tukayyid

Main article: Battle of Tukayyid

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