Invidious (Individual Invader-class JumpShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Invader

The Invader-class Invidious was a JumpShip serving with the Gray Death Legion. It should not be confused with Renfred Tor's original Merchant-class vessel of the same name that famously worked with Grayson Carlyle since 3024 and throughout the Verthandi campaign and which the Invader-class Invidious apparently replaced in the unit's roster. The vessel that was destroyed in 3065 was this Invader-class Invidious, and not the Merchant-class vessel.

Free trader Renfred Tor had passed away by April 3056, leaving his daughter Katrina to inherit the family business and the old Merchant-class Invidious.[1] Katrina Tor briefly continued to serve the Legion until at least April 3056,[2] but "a year or two" before December 3058 the Invidious parted ways with the Gray Death Legion.[3] Between 3055 and April 3056 the Legion obtained a new, bigger Invader-class Invidious which brought Major Hassan Ali Khaled's battalion from their posting at Borghese back to Glengarry to relieve the besieged Legion on 26 September 3056.[4] It is possible that Katrina Tor parted ways with the Legion at Borghese, and that the other Invidious was hired there as a replacement.[5]

The Invader-class Invidious was initially under the command of Captain Sean Marcq Clerkin[6] By 3065 it was under the command of Captain Hester Murat. On 28 June 3065 the ship came under fire from the Avalon-class WarShip Simon Davion at the Hesperus system's zenith jump point and suffered crippling damage (right after the Simon Davion had crippled the civilian JumpShip Carolyn). Captain Murat reported that she had ordered the vessel abandoned and scuttled.[7]


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