Irian Media Interstellar

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Irian Media Interstellar is the Free Worlds League-based producer of both print and video news, fiction and non-fiction media.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

League Stock Market Symbol: IMI.[1]

Home Office: Kirin River, Irian (circa 3067).[1]

President/CEO: Lucy Tsagarides (circa 3067).[1]


The preeminent news provider in the Free Worlds League, Irian Media Interstellar produces and distributes a wide variety of materials, but is best known for its Irian News Interstellar broadcasts, syndicated across the League and abroad, though facing stiff competition from foreign companies such as Donegal Broadcasting Company and the Interstellar News Network, the company serving as the main source of foreign-affairs news for much of the Marik space. Well respected, INI has won numerous journalistic awards, it's coverage ranging from hard-hitting investigative journalism, business and current affairs. Ironically, INI's most popular and most viewed program is Tattle Tales, a lifestyle program focused on the lives and scandals of the rich and famous.[1]

Irian Entertainments[edit]

IMI's other main subsidiary, the non-factual focused Irian Entertainments produces a number of fictional programs for domestic and foreign markets across numerous genres and formats, from sitcoms and peroid dramas to "cult vid" series and fantasy epics. Among its most notable series are:[1]

  • Fringers - a fiction series centered on the gritty lives of colonists on the League's Periphery edge, nearing 200 continuous years on air.[1]
  • The Skies of Atreus City - A police drama set in the Greendock precinct of the League's capital on Atreus, the hit show focused on the fictional Unit 515 Dixon Law Enforcement Airship, running on air for fifteen years.[2]

Charybdis Publishing of New Olympia[edit]

Famed for its mix of novels and nonfiction publications, the Pireus New Olympia based Charybdis Publishing is a new acquisition by IMI, CEO Lucy Tsagarides attempting to expand IMI into whole new markets across the Free Worlds League.[1]


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