Iron Guard

Iron Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Parent Formation Protectorate Guard


The Iron Guard has never surrendered to enemy forces. However it has withdrawn from the field of combat twice in its history.


In 2837 the Iron Guard withdrew from Zosma in the face of heavy Lyran Commonwealth opposition. This occurred during the ComStar War, which paralyzed the FWLM. Greatly outnumbered, the Iron Guard was facing total destruction. With no way of knowing if reinforcements would arrive, the unit withdrew rather than be destroyed. Thirty two years later, the Iron Guard led the Free Worlds counterattack on Zosma, taking it from the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Anton's Revolt[edit]

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Fourth Succession War[edit]

Prior to the Fourth Succession War the Iron Guard was ordered to relocate off their garrison world. This was an unpopular decision with the unit, as it marked the second time they withdrew from the field, but they obeyed the order.

Andurien Secession[edit]

In late 3033 the Iron Guard hit the Federated Commonwealth controlled world of Oliver. This was primarily to silence domestic critics, but it also served to disrupt operations at several FedCom production plants.[2]

During the Andurien Secession, the Iron Guard secured landing zones for the 13th Marik Militia and 3rd Free Worlds Guards on Ingomish in 3036.[3] They also secured Xanthe III in 3037, reinforcing several beleaguered FWLM units[4] and served as a garrison force on Lopez that same year.[1]

Operation Guerrero[edit]

The Iron Guard participated in Operation Guerrero, suffering some losses, but details on what world it attacked are thin.[5]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

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The Jihad found the Iron Guard without a homeworld. Their former comrades joined forces with the Word of Blake, and ejected them. Though the Iron Guard was the only regiment to survive, the unit was without a home until the Protectorate negotiated a place for the unit. The Guard took up station on New Delos in 3079.[6]

The Iron Guard was offered a place in the Republic Armed Forces, but declined. They returned to New Delos and found that the military dictatorship in the Protectorate was collapsing. Colonel Ridgeway agreed to the Iron Guard becoming the official military of the Protectorate, but rapidly discovered that the military junta was more interested in maintaining their position. In 3081 the Duchy of Oriente offered a mutual defense pact, and Colonel Ridgeway accepted.[7]


As of 3025 the unit is commanded by Colonel Bradford Holmes.[8]

As of 3050 to 3059 the commanding officer was Colonel Virgil Ridgeway.[9][10][1] He was still in command in 3067.[11] Colonel Ridgeway was promoted to General when the Iron Guard became the Border Protectorate's military.[7]

As of 3085 the commanding officer is Colonel Gheorgeh Sukir[12]


The unit favors unorthodox battle tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Iron Guard (Regular/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Bradford Holmes


Iron Guard (Green/Reliable)[9][10]

  • CO: Colonel Virgil Ridgeway


Iron Guard (1 Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[1][11]

  • 2nd Battalion: Force Commander Sally Mandelbaum
  • 3rd Battalion: Force Commander Shozaburo Miyazaki

- The unit receive field upgrade kit's in large numbers.

Iron Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Fanatical)[1][11]

- The Wing is fitted with some Star League era Technology.

1st Zosma Reconnaissance Regiment (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[1][11]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Pearce Spruil

93rd Zosma Militia (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[1][11]


The Iron Guard lost over half their strength during the Jihad.[6]


Iron Guard (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]

  • CO: Colonel Gheorgeh Sukir

Iron Wings (Elite/Fanatical)[12]

  • CO: Commodore Graciano Barret

45th New Delos Recon Regiment (Veteran/Fanatical)[12]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Honoratus Novacek

87th New Delos Infantry Regiment (Regular/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Laban Confortola


The Motto of the Iron Guard is "Never Surrender".[1] After the Jihad they had a lot of salvaged Word of Blake equipment.[7]


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