Isle of the Blessed

Isle of the Blessed
(Cover from EPUB edition)
Product information
Type Serialized novel (13 parts)
Author Steven Mohan Jr.
Pages 389
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 5 August 2006-16 February 2007 (Serial)
1 October 2013 (EPUB novel)
Era Jihad era
Timeline 29 November 3071-4 February 3073

Isle of the Blessed is a novel-sized multi-part story by Steven Mohan Jr. that was published online on BattleCorps in 2 "books" of six parts each, plus one interlude. It ties into the eponymous "Isle of the Blessed" series of journal entries published through the Interstellar News Network (INN) section on BattleCorps.

On 1 October 2013, an EPUB edition of the novel was published that combines all parts of the series, plus a new introduction ("Forward") by the author.

Plot summary[edit]

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Book 1: The Act of Cutting[edit]

published 5 August 2006
"The Act of Cutting"—Isle of the Blessed, Book One begins its publication on BattleCorps. For the last few weeks, you've been reading the journals of Robert Douchette and Geoffrey Zucker, NAIS technician and Word of Blake MechWarrior. Now Steven Mohan, Jr. brings their stories to life in this serial companion to Vengeance Gambit. The Third Battle of New Avalon is at hand; whose side are you on?

Book 1: The Grain Rebellion Bridge[edit]

published 12 August 2006
"The Grain Rebellion Bridge"—New Avalon is under siege. The Davion Heavy Guard, defending the capital city, is caught between Demi-Precentor Geoffrey Zucker's forces in front, and the Grain Rebellion Bridge behind. Can Jonathan Davion escape the Blakists without giving them free run of Avalon City?

Book 1: Lions and Dogs[edit]

published 18 August 2006
"Lions and Dogs"—The Fox's Den is under siege. Precentor Ramon Nikolavich, captain of the WarShip Red Angel, lords over New Avalon like a lion over the plains. Joined by a pocket WarShip, Jackson Davion is pinned down. With no aerospace assets in play, his position seems hopeless. What can he do but wait in fear?

Book 1: A New War[edit]

published 26 August 2006
"A New War"—Reinforcements have arrived. The Davion army can, for now, breathe easy. But that won't help take back the entrenched Blakist forces on New Avalon. It's time for a new war, an offensive war. But even with their newfound allies, will the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns be able to take back New Avalon? Or much as they had to surrender pride, must they surrender ground?

Book 1: Clock is Broken[edit]

published 2 September 2006
"Clock is Broken"—With the Den as little more than an inviting target, the Davions are shifting between backup installations, protecting the command staff as best they can while being mindful of those in control of the high orbital. But not even the best precautions are always enough; on one such shift, Jackson Davion's caravan is attacked. Can the Marshal evade Zucker's attack out in the open? Or will he become the Word's tastiest prize of the New Avalon campaign?

Book 1: The Book of Lilith[edit]

published 8 September 2006
The Book of Lilith"—Jackson Davion is still on the loose. But even with Zucker's machine down, the Blakist forces aren't giving up. But there's a greater prize at stake now: they know about the Legionnaire program. Avitue wants both prizes, but knows she can only get one. Which will the Davions choose to preserve, and which will they sacrifice?

Isle of the Blessed: Interlude[edit]

published 6 October 2006
Vengeance is always a Gambit. You the players helped decide Jackson Davion's fate. Did Davion hold out with the help of Project Legion? Or did Avitue and Amaros crush Corean's secret facility? Find out now, and don't forget to play in this month's follow up campaign.

Book 2: Post-Game Wrap[edit]

published 22 December 2006
You've played the games, now find out what the results are! ----Jackson Davion has learned the identity of the Blakist commander: Avitue. He's going to make her pay--but before he does, he has to move his troops to safety.

Book 2: Fathers and Sons[edit]

published 12 January 2007
Father and Son are united again, Patriot and Traitor. But is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend?

Book 2: A Lord of the Realm[edit]

published 19 January 2007
The Blakist assault on Avalon City has been repulsed, and now Jackson Davion's forces are on the offensive. But before he can maneuver them against Cormarc Falls, he needs to do more than just fight. In order to pull the attack off, he needs to lead. Not just his men... but his generals.

Book 2: Redemption[edit]

published 26 January 2007
Demi-Precentor Geoffrey Zucker has been tainted in Precentor Avitue's eyes... in the Word of Blake's eyes. Having his father locked up in the Blakist base hasn't helped his case any. But with Avitue's back up against a wall, she's forced to offer Zucker one last chance at redemption...

Book 2: Marshals Davion[edit]

published 14 February 2007
Avitue vs. Marshal Jackson Davion. Zucker vs. Marshal Jonathan Davion. Two fights. One prize. If Avitue and Zucker can take out both Marshals Davion, New Avalon will be theirs for the taking. But both men have a nasty habit of surviving when they shouldn't have...

Book 2: The Third Battle of New Avalon[edit]

published 16 February 2007
Five years of fighting across the planet. Five years of Blakists and Davions, whittling away at one another's forces. Now it's all come to a head. Precentor Avitue and Jackson Davion are playing for keeps. What happens today will decide the winner of the war: invaders... or invaded.