Ivan Sinclair

Ivan Sinclair
Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Affiliation Clan Steel Viper
Star Colonel

Ivan Sinclair is a Star Colonel with Clan Steel Viper, notable for fighting against Clan Jade Falcon.

Personal History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Star Colonel Sinclair fought against Clan Jade Falcon during Operation Revival during a Trial of Possession for the taking of Twycross.[1] Star Colonel Sinclair was the CO of the 94th Battle (Clan Steel Viper).[2] He is also mentioned as taking Schreuder Heights, in battle for Twycross that forced the 9th FedCom RCT off the planet.[3]

Trial of Grievance[edit]

In 3060 Sinclair was chosen as Clan Steel Viper’s Champion for a Trial of Grievance against Clan Jade Falcon [4]. This trial was fought over the issue of Freeborns and Bloodnames [5]. This issue was really brought to light when then MechWarrior Diana Pryde fought for the bloodname of Pryde [6] also at issue was the creation of the freeborn trinary, led by Star Captain Horse[7],[8].Star Colonel Sinclair and the Clan Jade Falcon Falcon Champion Star Captain Horse fought on Strana Mechty near the village of West Scar [9]. Star Captain Horse defeated Star Colonel Sinclair and won the Trial.[10]

Ejection of Clan Steel Viper[edit]

In 3061 Clan Steel Viper invaded the Occupation Zone of Clan Jade Falcon.[11] During the culminating battle on Waldorf, Star Colonel Sinclair while fighting alongside Perigard Zalman challenged Star Captain Horse once again this time to a 'Mech duel once more.[12] Sinclair was defeated once more and Clan Steel Viper was eventually forced to accept Hegira.[13]


Star Colonel Sinclair fought in a Stormcrow in his fights againt Horse.[14]


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