J-37 Ordnance Transport

J-37 Ordnance Transport.JPG
J-37 Ordnance Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Ceres Metals
Production Year 3079[1]
Mission Ammunition Transport
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Mass 50 Tons
Armor Star Slab/3 Standard Armor
Engine 80 Vox Fusion Engine
Speed 86 km/h
Crew 3

ER Small Laser

BV (1.0) 80
BV (2.0) 351[2]


The J-37 Ordnance Transport is a support vehicle used for resupplying military units in the field. Based on the earlier J-27 Ordnance Transport, it has been produced in the Capellan Confederation by Ceres Metals since the twenty-eighth century, though production was halted by the Succession Wars. In response to the failings of the J-27, the J-37 is larger, with the ability to carry 17 tons of cargo, and better protected, replacing the vulnerable trailer with an enclosed hold. It also comes with a one-ton Infantry Transport Bay and carries 5.5 tons of combat-grade armor. The vehicle's high speed, powered by a Fusion Engine, allows it to quickly get to its destination and, if necessary, flee from the enemy.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The vehicle is only armed with an ER Small Laser, meant to provide limited self-protection, manned by a dedicated gunner.


When originally produced, the J-37 was armed with only a Small Laser, as well as a weaker frame and armoring. When production restarted in 3076, the vehicle was heavily upgraded to its current configuration.


Originally created by WizKids' MechWarrior: Dark Age - Death from Above game set. Additional rules and record sheets were provided following the release of Technical Readout: 3085 and Record Sheets: 3085.