J. Swift

J. Swift
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip (Yardship)
Class Newgrange


The SLS J. Swift was a Newgrange-class yardship serving with the Star League. Like all ships mounting a Compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive core it is technically considered a WarShip even though it was never meant to serve in a combat role.

In 2683 the Star League started Project AMHITRITE, the construction of Monitor-type spacecraft prototypes. After over eight years one of the three Monitors under construction (a hull based on the Avatar cruiser class) was moved from its shipyard in Martian orbit to be carried to New Earth via the J. Swift, as a "live test" to prove the viability of the concept.

As it turned out, the Monitor proponents had underestimated the difficulties in deploying the unwieldy Monitor. The J. Swift was damaged during the mooring process. It then suffered severe damage to its structure and drive core in the jump to New Earth, where the J. Swift had to be repaired for five months before she could jump again. The Monitor prototype had to be moved back by another yardship, and the unsuccessful deployment test doomed Project AMHITRITE and the whole Monitor concept.[1]


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