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The Clan Jade Falcon Touman is the military arm of Clan Jade Falcon.

Unit Structure[edit]

Up through to the Refusal War, the Jade Falcons largely followed the standard Clan practice of organizing their Clusters. Front-line Clusters were comprised of three OmniMechs Trinaries, one Elemental Trinary and one OmniFighter Trinary, with some variation between units. Second-line Clusters varied greater in composition, between two to four Trinaries or three to five Binaries. They largely maintained the same level of equipment as in front-line units, with some second-line or even Inner Sphere refitted machines making appearances.[1] Although the Jade Falcons made use of Nova and Supernova formations, they were formed on an as-needed basis.[2]

In comparison, garrison and solahma units had few Omni vehicles, instead making due with traditional BattleMechs and AeroSpace Fighters. They also made due with conventional infantry instead of Elementals. With exception to armored personnel carries to transport infantry into battle, even these units deployed no combat vehicles.[1]

In the aftermath of the Refusal War, the same unit organization remained in place, but due to heavy loses most units were terribly understrength. On the whole the touman had been reduced to just ten Galaxies, and on average each Trinary and Binary was short one Star compared to their official TO&E. Many Clusters and Galaxies also saw their compositions changed drastically since before the invasion of the Inner Sphere while still retaining the same designations, leading to confusion by outside observers about just which units were actually participating in a battle. It was expected though that all units would be back to their full strength by the time the invasion was renewed.[1]

The Jade Falcons were also notable in the way they organized individual Stars, with the following giving their name and type.[3]

Type Information
Com Command Star (Cluster & Galaxy command units).
Talon Assault Star (Heavy to Assault weight Battlemechs).
Beak Battle Star (Medium to Heavy weight Battlemechs).
Eye Striker Star (Light to Medium weight Battlemechs).
Eyrie Mixed Weight Star (Sometimes classified as Beak).
Strider Elemental Star.
Wing Aerospace Star.
Nova Nova (5 'Mech & 5 Elemental Points).
Mix Non-standard Star. (Combines different Point types)

Additionally, some Stars and Trinaries were further classified by their mission type.[3]

Type Information
Shield Defensive Unit.
Probe Reconnaissance Unit.
Sweep Patrol Unit.
Hold Pinning Unit.
Dark Wing Solahma Unit.[4]

Jade Falcon Unit Designation Code[edit]

The JFUDC was the code by which Jade Falcon Stars were classified and used as a way of communicating messages with each other. The code itself consisted of three parts: the first was a four-character alphanumeric combination signifying the Star's parent Galaxy, Cluster, and Trinary/Binary in that order. The second part was by their Star composition as listed the table above. The third was the number designation which helped distinguished Stars of the same composition from each other. The full code was only used when communicating with Stars in separate Galaxy, with portions being dropped off as needed, right down to Stars within the same Trinary/Binary (although in such cases it was common for Jade Falcon warriors to informally identify the Star by its Star Commander).[3]

Example: "G7RD Beak 2" translates to the second Beak Star of Trinary Delta, 7th Falcon Regulars, Gamma Galaxy. If a unit from Gamma Galaxy but in a different Cluster were to communicate with them, they would use only 7RD Beak 2. Same if they were in the same Cluster but in a different Trinary (D Beak 2). If both units were in the same Trinary they would simply use the last two parts of the code (Beak 2).

Touman Structure[edit]

The touman in 3079[5][6][7]

Current Galaxies[edit]


Clan Jade Falcon.jpg 3059
Turkina Keshik
Naval Reserve
Turkina Keshik
Naval Reserve

Gamma Galaxy (Jade Falcon Galaxy)[edit]

Jfgamma.png 3059
Jade Falcon Guards
1st Falcon Hussars
3rd Falcon Talon Cluster
9th Talon Cluster
Jade Solahma Cluster
Jade Falcon Guards (Pryde's Pride)
1st Falcon Hussars (The Tokasha Hussars)
3rd Falcon Talon Cluster (The Jade Claymores)
9th Talon Cluster (The Falcon Lancers)
1st Falcon Swoop Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
3rd Falcon Swoop Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
Jade Solahma Cluster (The Jade Dark Wing)

Epsilon Galaxy[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy
Jfepsilon.png 3059
1st Falcon Jaegers
5th Battle Cluster
18th Falcon Regulars
10th Talon
8th Falcon Regulars
6th PGC
1st Falcon Jaegers (The Golden Wings)
5th Battle Cluster (The Golden Talons)
18th Falcon Regulars (The Tercel Cluster)
10th Talon (The Falcon's Falchions)
8th Falcon Regulars (The Scarlet Scythes)
6th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Delta Galaxy (Gyrfalcon Galaxy)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Jfdelta.png 3059
1st Falcon Striker Cluster
7th Talon Cluster
8th Talon Cluster
Gyrfalcon Solahma Cluster
1st Falcon Striker Cluster (The Pursuing Peregrines)
7th Talon Cluster (The Pride of Ironhold)
8th Talon Cluster (Gyrfalcon's Talons)
4th Falcon Dragoons Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
Gyrfalcon Solahma Cluster (The Snow Dark Wing)

Kappa Galaxy[edit]

Kappa Galaxy
Clan Jade Falcon.jpg 3059
4th Falcon Striker Cluster (The Black Falcons) - From Omega Galaxy.
8th Provisional Garrison Cluster - From Omega Galaxy.
10th Provisional Garrison Cluster
75th Striker Cluster

Formed in the 3060s.[8]

Rho Galaxy[edit]

Rho Galaxy
Jfrho.png 3059
124th Striker Cluster
7th Falcon Regulars
12th Falcon Regulars
Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster
124th Striker Cluster (The Blue Demons)
7th Falcon Regulars (Hazen's Hussars)
12th Falcon Regulars (The Frozen Fears)
Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster (The Jade Hatchlings)

Iota Galaxy[edit]

Iota Galaxy
Jfiota.png 3059
2nd Falcon Jaegers
5th Talon Cluster
305th Assault Cluster
73rd Striker Cluster
51st Garrison Cluster
Gyrfalcon Eyrie Cluster
2nd Falcon Jaegers (The Frost Falcons)
5th Talon Cluster (The Jade Wall)
305th Assault Cluster (The Blood Vision)
73rd Striker Cluster - Removed 3059-3067.
51st Garrison Cluster
Gyrfalcon Eyrie Cluster (The Bloody Hatchlings)

Lambda Galaxy[edit]

Lambda Galaxy
Jflamda.png 3059
Falcon Stoop Naval Attack Star
22nd PGC
74th Battle Cluster
24th PGC
Lambda Solahma Cluster
Falcon Stoop Naval Attack Star
22nd Provisional Garrison Cluster
24th Provisional Garrison Cluster
2nd Falcon Swoop Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
Lambda Solahma Cluster (The Periphery Dark Wing)

Alpha Galaxy[edit]

Formed by Marthe Pryde sometimes after July 3067.[9]

Fallen Galaxies[edit]

Omega Galaxy[edit]

Omega Galaxy
Jfomega.png 3059
7th Provisional Garrison Cluster
11th Provisional Garrison Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
Omega Solahma Cluster (The Marshall Dark Wing)
Turkina Eyrie Cluster - Added 3059-3067.
Pryde Eyrie Cluster - Added 3059-3067.

Mu Galaxy[edit]

Mu Galaxy
Jfmu.png 3059
1st Falcon Velites
5th Falcon Regulars
5th PGC
9th PGC
1st Falcon Velites (The Wolf's Bane)
5th Falcon Regulars (Eden's Hope)
5th Provisional Garrison Cluster
9th Provisional Garrison Cluster

Sigma Galaxy (Turkina's Eyes)[edit]

Sigma Galaxy
Jfsigma.png 3059
Emerald Talon Assault Star
12th Talon Cluster
3rd Battle Cluster
2nd Falcon Velites
1st Falcon Dragoons
3rd Falcon Dragoons
Sigma Solahma Cluster
Emerald Talon Assault Star
12th Talon Cluster (The Shooting Stars)
3rd Battle Cluster (The Falcon's Honor)
2nd Falcon Velites (The Falcon's Shield)
1st Falcon Dragoons
3rd Falcon Dragoons
Sigma Solahma Cluster (The Tokasha Dark Wing)

Zeta Galaxy (Turkina's Beak)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Jfzeta.png 3059
3rd Falcon Velites
53rd Battle Cluster
109th Striker Cluster
2nd Falcon Dragoons
Zeta Solahma Cluster
3rd Falcon Velites (The Swift Wings)
53rd Battle Cluster (The Cat Snatchers)
109th Striker Cluster (The Lightnings)
74th Battle Cluster (The Raptor Battle Cluster) - From Lambda.
2nd Falcon Dragoons
Zeta Solahma Cluster (Ironhold Dark Wing)

Naval Reserve[edit]

In 3067 the Jade Falcon Naval Reserve consisted of:

Naval Reserve in 3079

Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Clan Jade Falcon Officer Rank Insignia[15]
Rank Trueborn Freeborn
Point Commander JadeFalcon-TBPointCommander.png JadeFalcon-FBPointCommander.png
Star Commander JadeFalcon-TBStarCommander.png JadeFalcon-FBStarCommander.png
Star Captain JadeFalcon-TBStarCaptain.png JadeFalcon-FBStarCaptain.png
Star Colonel JadeFalcon-TBStarColonel.png JadeFalcon-FBStarColonel.png[16]
Galaxy Commander JadeFalcon-TBGalaxyCommander.png JadeFalcon-FBGalaxyCommander.png[17]
Khan JadeFalcon-TBKhan.png JadeFalcon-FBKhan.png[18]

Clan Jade Falcon Point Rank Insignia by Service Branch[19]
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Elemental Freeborn
Point 1 JadeFalcon-TBMW-Point1.png JadeFalcon-TBASF-Point1.png JadeFalcon-TBElemental-Point1.png JadeFalcon-FB-Point1.png
Point 2 JadeFalcon-TBMW-Point2.png JadeFalcon-TBASF-Point2.png JadeFalcon-TBElemental-Point2.png JadeFalcon-FB-Point2.png
Point 3 JadeFalcon-TBMW-Point3.png JadeFalcon-TBASF-Point3.png JadeFalcon-TBElemental-Point3.png JadeFalcon-FB-Point3.png
Point 4 JadeFalcon-TBMW-Point4.png JadeFalcon-TBASF-Point4.png JadeFalcon-TBElemental-Point4.png JadeFalcon-FB-Point4.png
Point 5 JadeFalcon-TBMW-Point5.png JadeFalcon-TBASF-Point5.png JadeFalcon-TBElemental-Point5.png JadeFalcon-FB-Point5.png


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