Jalastar Factory Defense Force

Jalastar Factory Defense Force
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Parent Formation
Formed c. 29th Century

The Jalastar Factory Defense Force was a command of retired AFFS troops and mercenaries that were hired to protect the Jalastar Aerospace factories.


The Defense Force was formed in the 29th Century to protect the Jalastar Aerospace factories on Panpour. Though Panpour was far from the Capellan Confederation and Draconis Combine, it was close to both the Taurian Concordat and subject to pirate raids. As a result of this, and the AFFS' difficulty in providing consistent protection, Jalastar commissioned their own defensive unit to protect their plants.

Consisting largely of units produced at Jalastar, the Defense Force is a mixed command of Aerospace Fighters, 'Mechs and armored vehicles, supported by infantry. They took serious losses during the FedCom Civil War, largely due to the light weight of their machines. They weren't well regarded by the members of the AFFS they worked with, but they were usually effective in defending their factories. The unit consisted of a pair of Aerospace Fighter Wings, supplemented by a battalion of infantry and a company of 'Mechs and tanks.


Major Glen Cortez was the senior Aerospace commander in 3075. The infantry battalion was led by Major Louie Duncan, while the 'Mech and armor companies were commanded by Captain William Harrison and Captain Aaliyah Morgan, respectively.


Composition History[edit]


Jalastar Knights (Company/Veteran/Fanatical)

Jalastar Wings (2 Wings/Elite/Fanatical)

Jalastar Chariots (Company/Regular/Reliable)

Jalastar Grunts (Battalion/Regular/Reliable)




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