James Kulin

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Captain James Kulin.png
James Kulin
Died 3063
Affiliation Lyran Alliance

Character History[edit]

James Kulin was a highly ambitious Lyran Alliance Armed Forces officer who reported directly to Lord Marcus Roland during the Steiner occupation of Kentares IV. Roland assigned Kulin the task of suppressing revolts by the civilian population of Kentares, which Kulin did so in a completely ruthless manner, killing and arresting thousands of citizens. He was also put in charge of running all of the planet's prisoner-of-war (POW) concentration camps. Kulin was directly responsible for the murders of the Dresari family, especially Duke Eric, by personally giving the orders to have the royal family executed (on the orders of Lord Roland).

Kulin introduced himself to Joanna Dresari as "Kommandant James Kulin, of House Steiner". He demanded Joanna cease and desist her Resistance efforts, or else he would start having Davion POWs (captured soldiers and civilians alike) executed. This transmission greatly upset Joanna.

Kulin's ambitions and considerable ego also managed to offend his own superiors, arguing with Roland's personal adjutant, Major Evanda Castro, and with Roland.


Ian Dresari and his resistance cell eventually found Kulin at a heavily defended Steiner base in the remote high desert and gunned him down, destroying him and his Mad Cat.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

James Kulin was portrayed by actor B.T. Stone.