James Thorvald

James Thorvald
Died 3025
Affiliation House Thorvald
Freedom Fighter

James Thorvald (b. ???? - d. 3025) was a leading figure in the resistance movement against the Kuritan military forces controlling the planet Verthandi.


James Thorvald was described as tall, blond, and broad. He was descended from the original group of Verthandian colonists and he had held a seat on the planet's Council of Academicians before Verthandi was ceded to House Kurita in 3015. His agitation against the new leadership caused him to be outlawed, and his home estate of Thorvaldfast was subsequently destroyed. He became "General" Thorvald and relocated to the Silvan Basin, instigating a series of raids on Kuritan bases and outposts for supplies.[1]

Thorvald's personal BattleMech was a Warhammer, a machine that had been handed down through his family from the days of the first Star League. It staged out of the rebel base hidden at Fox Island.[2]

At Odds with the Gray Death[edit]

Thorvald was openly hostile towards Grayson Carlyle. He did not expect "offworlders" to appreciate the Verthandians' fight against the occupation forces.[3]

If your people get killed and your 'Mechs get shot up, we're not paying your bill. That's for the record!

-James Thorvald displays his animosity towards Grayson Carlyle. [4]

When Thorvald decided to stage a night assault on Regis, he brushed aside Carlyle's protests that the Verthandian rebel army was nowhere near ready for such an undertaking.[5] Thorvald believed that a single operation would defeat the Kuritan leadership, and refused to change his mind. He accused Carlyle of obstruction and ordered that his mercenary command remain behind at Fox Island.[6]

The Assault on Regis[edit]

Thorvald's attack force was delayed by the inexperience of its trainee MechWarriors[7], and by Thorvald's overoptimistic expectations of the terrain leading into Regis.[8]

His planned diversion - a warehouse fire set in nighttime Regis, to distract Kuritan satellite surveillance - was a complete failure. One of the rebels sent to start the fire was captured, and he revealed the attack plan under interrogation.[9]

When the Verthandian rebels commenced their attack upon Regis University, the Combine forces were waiting for them. The assault was turned into a wholesale slaughter, and Thorvald's BattleMech was brought down with heavy damage.[10]

Death and Legacy[edit]

By the time the 'Mechs of the Gray Death Legion - disobeying Thorvald's directives - arrived to help extract the rebels, Thorvald's Warhammer had been immobilized. Realizing that he had been mistaken, Thorvald handed command over to Grayson Carlyle. He continued to fire his 'Mech's remaining weapons at the oncoming Kuritan forces, distracting them long enough for Carlyle to pull the surviving rebels out of the battle zone.[11]

You can't help me... but I'll try to buy you some time.

-Thorvald refuses Carlyle's offer of rescue. [12]

James Thorvald died at the controls of his machine when it finally exploded.[13]


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