Jamestown (Individual Mule-class DropShip)

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This article is about the Mule-class DropShip. For the planet, see Jamestown.

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mule


TCS Jamestown was a Mule-class DropShip operated by the Taurian Concordat. In 3068 the Jamestown was crippled by forces from Hydra Assault Squadron of the mercenary unit known as the Medusans while attempting to run the Medusans' blockade of the Pleiades. The Jamestown had been attempting to smuggle thousands of tons of munitions to the Taurian Defense Force units fighting on Electra, and was also discovered to have two tactical nuclear weapons hidden amongst the conventional munitions; the discovery of the nuclear cargo carried by the Jamestown was a source of great concern for AFFS commanders in the local area because of the implication that frontline TDF commanders were gaining access to weapons of mass destruction.[1]


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