Jamison's Juggernauts

Jamison's Juggernauts
Unit Profile (as of 3135)
CO Colonel Jerry Jamison
JumpShips No
DropShips Unknown
Aerospace No
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes


Jamison's Juggernauts was a minor 32nd Century mercenary unit, commanded by Colonel Jerry Jamison. The unit was based out of Galatea in the mid 3130's. Configured by 3130s as a combined arms battalion, the unit was made up of a mix of Inner Sphere and Clan equipment and personnel.

The unit, as of 3135, lost half its number to a prior mission. However, Star Commander Tal Sender's Nova Clan units joined the mercenary unit in May 3135 after the original Steel Wolves "Clan" was dissolved and they themselves became a mercenary unit. The former Steel Wolves Nova (2 mixed Binaries) consisted of four 'Mechs, two Light Tanks, two Hover Tanks, two Points of Elemental Battle Armor and fifty Clan infantry.[citation needed]

At the suggestion of Tal Sender, their unit’s troops have been cross-trained to use each respective specialty’s equipment.

Sender also suggested that all MechWarriors should cross-train with other BattleMechs of the unit. Having MechWarriors not operate in separate stars or lances made them familiar with working with other individual units. This allowed them to operate in specialized teams whenever necessary.[citation needed]

Notable Actions[edit]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Jamison's Juggernauts
Colonel Jerry Jamison circa 3130 - 3135



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