Jane Faulkner

Jane Faulkner
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth

Jane Faulkner (? - 3134) was Hauptmann during the MechAssault: Phantom War video game. Her goal was to convert the HPG into a weapon.[1]


On Wroclaw the Hauptman joins an alliance with the Anodyne Cross Militia (ACM). They attempt to liberate the planet from pirates, who have commandeered Wroclaw, and then reactivate the HPG as a military superweapon. However, her unit fails to successfully convert the HPG, destroying it as a result. Shortly after the failure with the HPG, the ACM betrays Jane Faulkner and stages an attack on her DropShip. Mechwarrior Vallen Brice comes to the rescue and saves her life. Faulkner then moves the "Drake" (her DropShip) to a remote area of Wroclaw and mounts an attack on three command towers, as well as a Communications Center. They then attempt to kill Dante Fierus, the ACM's leader, but he escapes and flees to Tsinan.


Faulkner follows Fierus to Tsinan. As soon as they land, a trio of Communications Jamming Transponders jam all communications. She sends Techwarrant Banon Styles in a tank, and MechWarrior Vallen Brice in BattleArmor to destroy them. They then stage a series of hit and run style attacks on ACM facilities, including power generators and supply ships. Afterwards, Faulkner's unit proceeds to Tsinans downed HPG. This conversion is successful, and the resulting EMP blast destroys most if not all of the ACM forces on planet.


Hauptman Faulkner moves her unit to planet Qarahta to destroy Clan Hell's Horses units that are in league with the ACM. The Qarahta campaign is a short one, consisting of an attack on munitions warehouses, an attack on a landing pad, and the destruction of a supply convoy and Hell's Horses DropShip.


Jane Faulkner arrives on Niangol with the intention of killing Dante Fierus. However, the mission is cut short when Dante destroys the DropShip, with Jane Faulkner and her tech, Banon Styles inside. Jane Faulkner is killed in action during the year of 3134 on planet Niangol, just outside of Dante Fierus's base.