Jarome Parsons

Jarome Parsons (b. 3??? - d. 3???) is one of the envoys for Lord Governor Aaron Sandoval of The Republic of the Sphere. He works as a double agent, getting information for an unnamed Paladin while making it seem that he is still loyal to the Lord Governor.

Character Description[edit]

Parsons is a man of considerable weight with thinning long blond hair and clear green eyes. When you shake his hand, it feels like your hand is in jelly since you are unable to feel his bones.[1]

Character Biography[edit]

Mission to Mirach[edit]

Jarome was sent to Mirach by the Lord Governor to give some reports to the governor, Sergio Ortega, as well as a certain idea to join up with a new alliance which would benefit a planet with the mineral wealth that Mirach contains.[2] In addition to talking to the governor, he also went around and talked to: Elora Rimonova, the Minister of Information for Mirach, Legate Tortorelli, ranking general of the Home Guard, and Marta Kinsolving, CEO of AllWorldComms and a member of the Mirach Business Association. Each person that he talked to, he hinted at what is going on within the fractured republic and was trying to figure out where everyone's loyalty lay. After a couple of weeks of touring the planet and talking to those that were deemed necessary to talk to, he returned to his DropShip to return to the presence of the Lord Governor.

A couple of weeks after his departure from Mirach, Jarome returned. This time, he came back to the planet with an Atlas BattleMech in the cargo bay. Tortorelli believed that Parsons was bringing the 'Mech for him to use to help restore order his way to planet from the rioting and protesting that has been going on. However, once his DropShip landed and the 'Mech was visible, he contacted Marta and told her that the 'Mech was for her to use how she saw fit.[3]

After the coup had been squashed, Jarome entered the main chamber of the palace and spoke to the assorted group that was there. He told them that Duke Aaron Sandoval was no longer loyal to The Republic. He had aligned himself with his splinter group the Swordsworn. He also told them that the reason he gave the 'Mech to Marta to use as she saw fit, was that her loyalty to The Republic was the shakiest of those who had remained loyal to the Exarch and not sell them out to a splinter group. It was a test to see if she would remain loyal to The Republic first and foremost and not to the Lord Governor or Jacob Bannson.[4]


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